KGB's beautiful FIRST BORN - The First Born

2006-03-29 18:15

Hip Hop is fast developing a reputation as the jewel in Cape Town's crown. It's cool and danceable, and it's also socially conscious. It flouts the old racial cliches, attacking issues head on.

KGB are a Male / Female duo with a twangy, pleasing, Cape Flats accent and lots of 80ish synth backbeats. They have African attitude - despite borrowing some US hip hop slang, they haven't left their roots behind. Rhythmic, rhyming lyrical verse opens their album with a hopeful-sad song about the birth of a first girl child.

The title track is a map to the rest of the album - sometimes controversial, always sincere: 'This is the birth of a new race / this is the one that we hope could put a king in his place / this is new ground that was found..." no doubt inspired by Neesie's baby girl. "This is peace on earth / World War III altogether".

The beautifully arranged "Open Your Eyes" is full of frank anger at Apartheid's trail. Kwaito with mocking satire beats and shameless lack of respect for the lyrically impoverished musical trend, is controversial but hardly hateful. Both are hits with listeners.

KGB didn't invent the Cape Pride that pervades the album - Prophets of da City, then Brasse Vannie Kaap and others forged the way before them.

"Hip Hop Luv" matches a positive trend on the Cape scene. Knowledge is power, and hip hop is here to teach the way. Put this in your CD player, listen and learn. Life is beautiful, hard, angry, funny, dangerous and tender.

There are plenty of songs on the album complaining about KGB's obscurity. But make no mistake - these guys are getting known. If they're properly managed and professional, they will make it.

The full length album's for sale at stores, from taxi drivers and at Musica instore for under R50 - true to their principles, they're not out to rip you off. Don't pass it up, pass it on.

This male / female husband and wife hip hop act are part of the fresh, sometimes controversial Cape Town hip hop scene.

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