KT Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope

2010-10-13 20:11

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Though her voice and music style are often compared to Dido's and her profile to Carole King's, KT is no copycat act. In a BBC interview, she says of the comparison: "When you first start out it's useful to give people an anchor point - comparing stuff is essential". But KT's song writing and vocal style is harder, edgier and more soulful than that of the sweet voiced Dido and her songwriting shows more diverse influences than Carol King's did.

KT is clearly influenced by musical greats such as James Brown, Lou Reed, Billie Holliday, Johnny Cash and PJ Harvey, and she combines their flair and her own with pop, rock and country, while her Irish accent adds mystique.

Eye To The Telescope is a mature, well thought out album. Tracks like "Other Side Of The World" and "Stoppin' The Love" set KT apart from many other young songwriters and musicians. Radio-friendly numbers like "Under The Weather" and "Universe and U" will give her a solid following among mature music lovers who prefer their tunes straight up.

Although probably not destined for pop stardom or big scale commercial success, KT has all the elements needed to stay in the game for a long time.

- Ashlin Simpson


On "Silent Sea" the familiar simple acoustic guitar rhythms are present and KT's magical vocals rise and fall mirroring the powerful waves she describes in the song.
- Dan Tallis for BBC

New singer-songwriter with a rock edge, KT (short text for Kate) Tunstall grew up in a small town in Ireland. She was adopted at birth and owes her exquisite looks to her mixed Chinese and Irish heritage. She's a quirky one - her first musical influence was her brother's hair metal. The next influence: David Bowie.

KT taught herself the guitar at age 16. Her initiative and musical talent and her sense of humour have taken her far. She won her local Battle of the Bands, formed a few ban

Carman 2005/09/08 11:54 AM
AWESOME It is seldom that a new artist breaks onto the music scene and is such a pleasure to listen to. She is a treasure and i look foward to what comes next
Jolanda 2005/09/08 3:01 PM
eye to the telescope KT Excellent! Deep! Moving Yes
THERESA PIENAAR 2005/09/08 4:06 PM
Ruth 2005/09/08 11:02 PM
Mrs I love her cd eye to the telescope definately
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