Kanye West - Graduation

2008-12-24 09:02
Okay, Kanye is one arrogant nigga! Phew glad that’s out of the way! But his third album justifies why his head was so heavy! Okay fine he’s still on a self-conscious tip but this time around he shows another side that might just change your mind. No crazy outbursts like “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” or “f*** MTV!” There’s none of those torrential outbursts and juvenile tantrums! Just thirteen tracks from a man who just finished a chapter in his life and has matured a whole lot!

This young graduate is becoming a master in his game! Kanye doesn’t do mediocrity or monotony and props to that! As short as he is, he stands quite tall without featuring a dozen of artists to shine on his shine. Except for the hand-picked collabs with the hot MC, Mos Def in the unique and honest “Drunk and Hot girls”, R&B crooner Dwele on the simply gorgeous and funky “Flashing Lights” and “Homecoming” featuring Chris Martin from Coldplay. Graduation opens with a killer track “Good Morning”. It’s strong and punchy, but why is Mr Man still justifying why he dropped out of college even though he has a multi-platinum career?! “Can’t tell me nothing” is rather catchy and quite cheeky. But more importantly it gives you a clear picture of who Kanye is as he justifies why he’s been acting the way he has.

Kanye still features his signature remixed soul samples. This time he pushes the mainstream hip hop envelope even further by tapping into what sounds like some European slow motion techno beats: totally fresh tunes that grip you so tight you’ll forget to listen to what Kanye’s gaaning aan about and will have to press repeat just to catch the words! And even if you don’t know much about production you just know it’s flawless.

The laid back, sincere and self-reflective jam “Everything I Am” is Kanye laid bare on record. He says ‘I’ll never be picture perfect Beyonce, or rock mink boots in the summer time like Will.i.am…People talk shit, but when shit hit the fan/everything I’m not/made me everything I am.’ It reveals traces of his cocky wit and looks at the consequences of his inability to keep his mouth shut: ‘So say goodbye to the NAACP Awards/Goodbye to the India.Arie award/They’d rather give me the “N***a, Please” award’. It’s quite something hearing him confess ‘I’ll never be as laid back as this beat’, which is a beautiful piece of soulful-rap, with a scratched hook from DJ Premier. He also shows that he hasn’t forgotten about the street – ‘Just last year Chicago had over six hundred caskets/Man, killing’s some wack shit,’ he muses. Then flips the script: ‘Oh I forgot, except for when niggas is rappin.’ Eish 50 watch your back son! Mr West closes this album with a humble and moving homage to his mentor Jay Z, on “Big Brother”. Brother Kanye is “Stronger” and a “Champion”. Eish Curtis this is more than a beating! “R.I.P man”!

-Gugu Mkhabela
On September 11, this hip-hop terrorist dropped a lethal bomb on his “nemesis” 5 bob! If you didn’t know, 50 cent claimed that he would stop recording albums if Kanye sold more copies! No need to Wiki, here’s a quickie: Graduation sold 957 000 copies in its first week and Curtis sold 691 000. You do the math! It’s almost a month now and so far Kanye’s sold 1.5 million and 50’s sold 1 176 000 c

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Mindlo 2007/10/05 9:40 PM
Another classic in the making A perfectly balanced album, relevent content and up to date beats. The boy 'Ye is as cocky as he is competent, as real as he is funny. A truly graduated College dropout.
Loyiso Magqi 2007/10/07 5:39 PM
Cant tell Ye nothing!!! i'm so proud of Ye.I've got the third album and your review is 210% spot on.i guess if people were to turn a blind eye on "his arrogance" and listen to the way he lays it down on the mic...damn the delivery is whats missing from the so called rappers.
Juice 2007/10/08 11:05 AM
Grown up with all the projects that Kanye's been busy with leading up to Graduation, i would have been disappointed if he couldnt deliver on his own album. catch him on Common's Finding Forever and Talib's Eardrum, the boy is a musical/production genious. Listen to other producers like J-Dilla & Pete Rock and you will learn that this brother is going to be around for ages. TIMELESS, BETTER THAN I EVER BEEN
Ethan 2007/10/17 1:03 PM
Shut Up! Please please please people there are real musicians out there. Why support a racist such as this West figure? The more awards he doesnt win the more of a loser he becomes. With attitudes such as his its no wonder "George Bush doesn't care about black people".
Lizzy 2007/10/19 11:03 AM
U shut up! This is some good ish. If u don't feel him then just shut the hell up! Ye has produced a dope album and that's it. To his fans he IS a musician. Just go and post comments on your "real musicians", wat u doing here anyway?
g 2007/10/22 12:20 PM
too dope!!!!!!!!! the boy ye is stepping up his game which is always good,production is on point as usual and lyrics is unconventional as well 10 ot of ten for this album and to the idiot(ethan)who commented just stay away from hip hop music u clearly have no idea whats going on
RB 2007/12/23 10:03 PM
Awesome! He has amazing tracks on this album. My Fav is "Flashing Lights"... Kanye has a reason to be arrogant.
Big 'L' 2008/06/17 12:27 PM
some tight s*** If you don't think this is tight then you don't know music, yes he might be arrogant and a dropout but he knows his stuff and not a genius at school but a genius with his career you are just blind to see he is a champion. And whatever you say about him being arrogant he has a reason to be because no one can touch him he's sky high.
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