Karen Ferreira - Dans Met My

2008-05-14 14:06
Honestly, do the words not matter anymore? As long as her lyrics refer to two people who smaak each other, Karen Ferreira is happy to say anything. Hey Karen, how about “Kom ons keer ‘n motorkaping / Dan kry ek vir jou ‘n versnapering”, doef doef doef? One chorus down, fourteen to go.
Perhaps the real test of a sokkie pop album is if you can skoffel to it. But if music has anything to do with music, with poetry and expression, then surely Dans Met My is a mistake. Except it’s not. Karen Ferreira has got to make a living, and after being seventh runner-up on Idols many years ago, she picked a thriving genre of Afrikaans music and played to the crowd. And now she has a SAMA nomination to show for it.

SAMA or not, this is a mess of bubblegum love poo. Clean it up, Karen Ferreira. Clean it up.

- Niel Bekker

The word “baby” is repeated many times on Dans Met My, which is good. Because if you asked an infant with a rhyming vocabulary of about 8 words (“kry”, “bly”, “vry”…) to make an album of 90’s cruise ship techno and house, it would sound just the same.

Rude 2008/05/19 9:14 AM
At last I'm very glad to see that at last someone has had the balls to speak out about how crap a mass amount of Afrikaans music is at the moment. To be honest, if this is how our (Yes, I'm Afrikaans) music is moving 'forward' and getting nominations for SAMA's and stuff I really don't know where we're going... And I don't blame the artists. They just jumping on the band wagon (so to speak). It's the people that buy these flippen pieces of crap, dance to them and then have a fisty over the last bottle of Klipdrift. Sies.
Nica 2008/05/19 10:07 AM
Is it only me... or does everything sound the same? I'm sure my 8-year old niece will like it. I will definitely not buy it. But hey, if it works for her, good luck.
Lourens 2008/05/19 11:54 AM
Where the money goes... Bad, terrible, lame… and many more, these words have been used to describe so many albums that came out recently, and next week there will be another one (probably even worse) and will SELL!!. Why should Afrikaans singers do deep and meaningful ,if the public so strongly supports empty “doef, doef”. I stopped Afrikaans pop support when “boude sonder puisies is nie boude nie” was released some time ago. No I did not buy it, it was playing in Dions over the system. I spoke English when I came to the till. It’s not the artist, it’s what we support that shapes our music scene. Nee magtag mense, ons het mos kultuur, onthou fun en kommen is nie dieselfde nie. Karen, sterkte met jou loopbaan, I wish you all success. May your supporters give you the scope to do other music too.
Smokey 2008/05/19 12:44 PM
Nes Steve... Hierdie is net so klomp stront soos Steve Hofnar se gemors. Absoluut geen trots in eie taal en kultuur nie, wil net die geld sien aan die einde van die dag.
Ron 2008/05/19 12:59 PM
Blame not the artist but the audience Not for a second will I give this "genre" of music any credit, but lets be honest - the poppies in the isle at the mall & the toppies in the rugby stands love it, will that ever change? All I can say is THANK THE LORD FOR THE AFRIKAANS ROCK REVOLUTION. Listen closer people it's already happeneing.
Magda 2008/05/19 1:14 PM
me Ek sien dis net engelse kommentaar? Daar is net so n klomp engelse gemors, maar dit is jammer datdaar net n klein persentasie, afr sowel as engels, wat uitstekend is! Sy is egtern harde werker en doen haarbes!!!!!
aj 2008/05/19 1:26 PM
Trots afrikaans Ek is 'n trotse afrikaner. Sommige mag se 'n wit-boer(Nie dat ek boer nie). Maar louter snert bly louter snert. Ek luister afrikaans en engelse musiek van alle genre' maar Karen en haar tipe musiek gee my 'n pyn waar ek volgens die liewe Vader nie vir jou van mag vertel nie. Ek is trots op my kultuur en sy nalatenskap. Al is dit nie PC deesdae om so te voel nie. Maar dis nie my kultuur nie en ook nie my idee van goeie musiek nie.
Adri 2008/05/19 2:55 PM
Grootste gemors Ek stem saam, hierdie is die grootste fiasko wat afrikaanse musiek aanbetref. Sy kan nie regtig fantasties sing nie maar met ordentlike lirieke sou sy dalk so vier gescore het maar ek sal definitief nie my geld mors om een van haar cd's te koop nie.
chris 2008/05/19 2:56 PM
dis verby met my Waaragtig dit is verby met jou. Sulke snert het ek nog nie gehoor nie en dan wil jy he `n mens moet betaal vir dit
Anton 2008/05/19 3:24 PM
Umm? Honestly, what did the reviewer expect from this cd? Are you surprised at what you heard? I could have written the review without actually listening to it...These "artists" are a dime a dozen, and I for one cringe every time this gets advertised on TV (I feel ashamed because I am Afrikaans and damn proud of it, and this type of music does not help the whole "dom afrikaner" mentality in our country). And the worst thing is...there are intelligent, fully grown human beings that like it. The mind boggles...
Dj 2008/05/19 3:30 PM
Sama Schwama! Tripe like this get nominated because the Samas are controlled by the CD industry. The whole nomination process and compilation of the judging panels prove this. It is shameful - an award without credibility among musicians and without integrity or any semblance of transparency. That's why...
Adrian 2008/05/19 3:32 PM
Dans Met My It appears that if you cannot make it in the music world of English pop, you take refuge in the Afrikaans pop market. There is a long list of failed English singing "stars" who have made a comfortable living in the highly protected industry of Afrikaans pop music. Examples are Amore Vitone; David Fourie, even Kurt Darren started out singing English songs. His first three albums were solely english offerings. So to get to the point why cant Karen try her luck? Well to be blunt, all the above artists can actually sing and converted for purely business (read financial) reasons. However due to the nature of the Afikaans music buying public, (who support anybody who sings their language) Karen will probably make a bundle. Go figure!
Sonia 2008/05/19 3:37 PM
Karen Fereirra Niks fout met die CD - gee dit girl 'n gap!!! Julle kan seker nie eens self 'n paar woorde sing of 'n liriek aanmekaar slaan nie maar het 'n bek vol kritiek - nee wat!!!!! Ek laaik dit! Daar is so min wat mens kan geniet deesdae al is dit dan nu bubblegum pop ... as jy iets met meer om die lyf soek koop dan van ons ander kunstenaars se musiek dit us 'n vry land en mark en daar is tog iets vir almal - Chris Cameloen, Laurika .......
Hans 2008/05/19 4:56 PM
Sonia, miskien is jy reg Sonia, weet jy, jy het dalk 'n punt beet... nee, nee, kan dit nie doen nie. Hou jou bek jy weet nie waarvan jy praat nie.
Elzanne 2008/05/19 5:13 PM
Nee man...... die musiek maak my naar. toe ek die review lees toe dink ek: Jinne dit kan darem nie so erg wees nie.... Maar dit was toe....Die engelse song is die enigste een wat ten minste alright klink! ag nee man...
Annette 2008/05/19 7:32 PM
It's a joke There is no variety. Everything sounds exactly the same. I didn't even listen to the words.
Jan 2008/05/20 2:07 AM
Vat jou goed en trek Ferreira SAMAs are a big joke. Ferreira is worse than Amor Vittone and that takes some doing. To Adrian: the buyers of Afrikans music will not be fooled. Ferreira will be disposed to the Afrikaan scrapheap in next to no time.
Riaan 2008/05/20 7:15 AM
Sonia en haar makkers Ai Sonia mens hoef nie self te kan sing en lirieke skryf om te weet wanneer iets swak is nie. Net so hoef mens nie self n springbok rugbyspeler te wees om te kan sie ieamand het n slegte wedstryd gehad nie. Nou gaan vleg jou hair extensions en los die redeneer vir die slim mense
Vernon Wolf 2008/05/20 9:13 AM
Afrikaans Music But for one or two songs done by Afrikaans Icons the likes of Anton Goosen the greater part of the Afrikaans genre is utter, untalented garbage. I wouldn't listen to k@k like Steve, Dozi, Juri and this dilly cow even if you paid me to. What irritates me most is that these poor sods think they are mega stars punting their drivel in a country where the potential market is not even 5 million consumers strong. Proudly displaying their gold albums which in SA you only have to sell 5% of the international standard to get. So sad with stupid lyrics and simple melodies not even to mention the constant covering of old folk songs. Who in their right mind would actually pay good money for something like this?
Vernon 2008/05/20 1:45 PM
Mr Met regstellende aksie het almal nou of sangers of eiendoms agente geword!
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