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Karen O & The Kids - Where The Wild Things Are

2010-02-15 15:38
Where the Wild Things Are
From an inspirational, 10-page children's book by Maurice Sendak, comes a film directed by Spike Jonze, which he adapted together with award-winning novelist Dave Eggers. And with a cast that includes the luminous Catherine Keener, James "Soprano" Gandolfini and newcomer Max Records, what resulted is a movie experience of such artistic wonderment, it'll leave you yearning for those glorious childhood years.

And with this short, sweet and evocative soundtrack, Yeah Yeah Yeah's enigmatic frontwoman Karen O brings her unique style to the film, and it’s a damned good fit. There is a chaotic, reckless charm to the the mini-songs here, not wholly out of place in a movie about a little boy who escapes his confusing home situation to a faraway island populated by a bunch of playful monsters.

Bits of dialogue from the movie are scattered throughout, and it's hard to resist the warm, fuzzy feelings folksy songs like "All Is Love ", "Building All Is Love" and "Heads Up" induce. With her exaggerated falsetto and choir of child singers (ostensibly The Kids credited), Karen O sounds like she's having loads of fun. And that's precisely what the enviable brains trust behind Where The Wild Things Are ever had in mind.

Inspired. That’s the best way to describe the confluence of talent on the Where The Wild Things Are project.

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