Karen Zoid - Ultimate Zoid

2009-11-10 09:21
Zoid’s journey started the moment she released “Afrikaners Is Plesierig”, rocking out and dropping punchlines where the archaic original had simply tried to be aangenaam. Humour: that’s always been the shortcut to Kaner stardom, hasn’t it? The newspapers declared her an idol, a hard rock bokkie that could make Afrikaans music cool enough to appeal to the disaffected jongspan.

That revolution only really happened with Fokofpolisiekar, but at the time, Zoid’s way with words cemented her spot in the kunstefees zeitgeist in a way that no one had done in years. People were tiring, perhaps, of relying on Koos Kombuis for ballads with originality. We had “Meisie Wat Haar Potlood Kou” and we had “Maak Nie Regtig Saak Nie”. Great songs, but what would it all mean if we never had “Engel”? Zoid’s simple little love song remains one of the best ever written in Afrikaans.

The whole time she’d been writing in English, as well. People didn’t notice at first (Afrikaans artists have forever tried to cross over to the English market), but when she released Postmodern World with not a treffer in sight, it was clear: she was serious about the Anglophone stuff. That’s when “Aeroplane Jane” hit the radio, and the 5FM crowd began to think she was special.

Karen Zoid is special. Ultimate Zoid, her bold step into Greatest Hits territory, is a great reminder of that and a great way to while some away afternoon hours or burn through kilometres on the road. We’re just really, really hoping this isn’t the end of the road for a great South African entertainer. So, Karen: bly nog ‘n rukkie, asseblief?

[Ultimate Zoid comes with a bonus CD of live material and includes four original tracks. Sweet.]
Whenever an artist brings out a collection of their work, it’s time to ponder: were their hits really all that ‘great’? Are they peddling a mediocre back catalogue on the basis of a single, one-in-a-million hit, or has their career been a steadily clicking slideshow of memorable moments?

Geraldine 2009/11/11 9:46 AM
Ah, Engel...My goosebump song, amazing how one song can sound so awesome - the WONDERboom version and our r=ocking Afrikaner Bettie Karin. Rock aan!
AJF 2009/11/11 10:25 AM
Just a pity the reviewer didn't mention anything about the 4 rocking new tracks.
Rodders 2009/11/11 10:43 AM
How can they call it Ultimate Zoid when it's missing three of her big (or at least semi-big) songs? - I'm judging these by the radioplay I've heard them receive... 1) Guy from the Beer Commercial 2) Maak Nie Regtig Saak Nie, and worst of all, her first English language crossover hit, the stunningly beautiful "Southern Sky"
Luca 2009/11/11 11:41 AM
Does she ever take her shades off?! I mean, she's in studio. Really Karen?
Pop Idol 2009/11/11 12:31 PM
Afrikaner is plesierig? HAHAHAHA yeah rite
Stephen 2009/11/11 1:41 PM
After listening to her on Cape Talk a couple of months ago I threw my cd's of her away. What an absolute self-righteous person, it was shameful
Deric 2009/11/11 1:59 PM
Trust me people, Karen Zoid is absolutely awesome. I will admit that I dont love every song, but she has a way with words and music that is rare. Coincidentally, she is also the only Afrikaans singer I listen to. If you have not heard some of her music, do yourself a favour and try some of her ballads.
Bra G 2009/11/13 5:19 AM
Karen Zoid is a 360 degree artist. She plays, she sings, she writes, she manages the band with hubby, Don and is involved in the entire creative and commercial process of her band and her brand. An apt title really cause in her field she truly is the ULTIMATE. Rock on Karen. Peace, Bra G
NR 2009/11/17 11:13 AM
Though she's good, she's not that great, and definitely not big enough for a Best Hits album. Frankly, it is a lazy way to make a few bucks before Christmas.
New fan 2009/11/17 5:15 PM
I saw Karen Zoid on stage for the first time this weekend in Worcester (13 Nov). Being a small crowd due to the cold weather we could easily feel the vibe of each act on stage. She stood out among a top billing including Just Jinjer, Prime Circle, Bed on Bricks, Cofield Mundi, Coda, Aking, Kurt Darren, Zebra & Giraffe, DJ Ossewa,..18 in all! She and her band rocked the stage! They mixed some of their songs interestingly during their live act and revved the crowd with superb individual performances. Karen was confident but unassuming and read the crowd's mood well as she adapted her playlist respectfully and entertained everyone fortunate enough to be there with a variety of genre. A truly professional artist - she prepared the stage well for Just Jinjer. I'm catching up on all her songs now - old and new.
NR1 FAN 2009/12/30 11:16 AM
There is nobody on this earth who comes close to Karen - music and stage performance. She absolutely ROCKS!!! And to top it all off, she's a really great person too! I am never disappointed in her music and own absolutely everything she has ever brought out. She made afrikaans music what it is today, without her the afrikaans rock generation would never have happened! I'm english but i listen to her religiously! Go Karen - you seriously are THE BEST!!
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