Karma - Papercuts

2008-12-29 15:43
Paper Cuts
...spawning songs like "The Riddle", a white-hot furious attack on the world's cruelty that beautifully compliments her suitably reverential cover of Bob Dylan's "Masters of War". "Monster" is a drinking song about some complicated personal loss, and her own shame. We've all been there, and like most of the songs towards the end of the album, this is a self portrait of Karma at her over-sensitive and cutting best.

But it's not all as incisive. "Southern Skies" - a tribute to her SA homeland - nearly ruins the album. It might seems like a good idea from her perch in North America, but its mixture of cliché and patriotism is kinda cringe-inducing to us locals - especially that line, "Born Wild". But the things "Southern Skies" expresses do provide clues to the rest of the album's motivations. Which seems to be a need to justify her choices, to examine was could have been. "That this is how it is", she seems to say. "Now watch me deal with it."

The silvery-voiced Karma-Ann is one of the most talented local singer-songwriters out there. She's stuck around, exploring her famously difficult personal relationships with bands, lovers, and the world in general. The world is a mess, people are pains in the asses that do all the wrong stuff, and here's one chick that just can't stand it.

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