Kate Havnevik - Melankton

2008-02-20 08:02
You might expect something exotic and strange from Kate, given that she comes from a place where people can never wear swimming costumes and drink vodka instead of water. But sadly, this is really just controlled chick-pop, and it ticks along with reflective passion, coolly dissecting a relationship with a man called "You" (one of those odd Norwegian names, probably).

The most interesting thing about Melankton is probably the unusual timbres contributed by Guy Sigsworth (the Frou Frou, Imogin Heap connection), and there’s the odd but amusing switch from piano pop to dance beats. Otherwise it’s a bit like early Bjork meets The Cranberries.

- Jean Barker

Kate Havnevik’s music is unrelentingly pretty, with soft layers of sound and comfortably numb melodies that wash over you dry and anaesthetising as a snow-drift. Her lyrics, are abstract and weightless as snowflakes, delivered in husky layered vocals as wispy as white veils in the breeze of a perfume advert.

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