Kate Nash - Made of Bricks

2007-12-07 08:42
But while similar to Lily on the surface, pianist Kate Nash is a rougher, more valuable pop diamond, whose seemingly formless lyrical meanderings actually conceal genuine vocal and storytelling talent, and a knack for songwriting. While rough and at first hard to swallow, she isn’t making nearly as many mistakes as you might think on first listen and you’ll hear flashes of Bjork in her prettily petulant vocals.

The cover art is a communal-living take on the Desperate Housewives theme. With lyrics like "Then you’ll call me a bitch / And everyone we’re with will be / Embarrassed and I won’t give a shit", she can be just as acid as Edie on a bad day, and seem like a Lily Allen clone. But Kate Nash’s story is easier to believe, even if you don’t have the urge to rush out and befriend her at first.
She’s no easier to like on the irritating opening track "Play" than any infuriated girlfriend who’s being a cow to her guy ever was. But she can also be inspiring on "Mouthwash", and spin a touching down-and-out love story like "Bird", which would be trite if it weren’t so artily imperfect.

Kate’s saying things in ways other pop stars just can’t. Two tediously over-clever pop fillers aside, let’s hope there’s more where this came from.

- Jean Barker

With her London mockney accent and her creamy vocals, skanky attitude, and bitchy British take on relationships and life, it’s not surprising that Kate Nash is often compared to last year’s Lily Allen.

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