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Katharine McPhee

2007-09-18 18:08
McPhans will be delighted with this tasty debut offering, which proves that Katharine McPhee would definitely have made a stellar American Idol – if only it weren't for all those votes from old-age homes across the US.

With a talented voice, sweet face and lack of angry bitch temperament (yes, you Kelly), McPheever will spread like chicken pox. This debut album by the Idol runner-up has a great mixture of party starters, love ballads and sing-a-long tracks (again, Kelly, take notes).

Give this girl some time and Kelly Clarkson had better watch her back. Imagine what kind of musical force Katharine McPhee will become with more mature songwriters and saner album-cover-designers.

- Megan Kakora

Who knew "rhythm pop" was more than a blank genre-friendly label and actually something listenable.

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