Katherine Jenkins - Katherine in the Park (DVD)

2008-02-11 15:44
Classical pop darling Katherine Jenkins’ onstage presence is amplified by her exquisite choice of gowns and her infectious charm. It’s almost unreal how cute she is! As she slides into the “Welsh Medley” especially for her aunt’s birthday, her passion and pride for her homeland shine from her eyes and are echoed in her voice.

Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston’s cash cow “I Will Always Love You” is translated into Italian with some orchestral arrangement sprinkled on top for a truly delicious rendition. What’s more is you can trust Katherine to make such bold musical choices because she has the education to back it up.

Expect more than enough duets with Juan Diego Florez, but Katherine completely steals the show, so he might as well have been singing from backstage. There’s nothing spectacularly different or unusual about this DVD, but as a diva Katherine is so loveable you can’t tear your eyes away from her.

The show closes off patriotically with Katherine singing the Welsh national anthem, draping her gown with the flag. Only Miss Jenkins could make a national flag look like a designer accessory. If you’re not Welsh, you’ll wish you were after watching this.

- Sam Brighton

The Welsh daffodil is resplendent in loving colour in picturesque Margam Park in this first instalment of her “Katherine in The Park” festivals.

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rob 2008/02/12 11:24 AM
katherine jenkins katherine in the park absolutley a beautiful performer / singer makes me proud to be welsh ten out of ten
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