Katy Perry - One of the Boys

2009-01-26 12:42
Five years and a few bad deals later, Katy has found a label that fits her like wet knickers. But now that she’s broken into the mainstream market, what exactly is she trying to say with this album? She's testing the waters. An intrinsically good girl is indulging her naughty curiosity ("I Kissed A Girl") whilst asserting her femininity ("One of the Boys") and baring her heart at the same time ("Ur So Gay" and "Thinking of You"). Multitasking – us girls are great at it!

Like peaches and cream liqueur, the tracks seem to be wholesome, standard-issue pop until you scratch the bottom of the bowl to find bold, even bitchy lyrics. "I Kissed A Girl" is a cute and frivolous celebration of the beauty of a woman, and if you think it’s about homophobia, then you're too stupid to realise she’s taking the piss out of you.

Watch Katy's "I Kissed A Girl" video:
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"Ur So Gay" is one of Madonna's favourite tunes. How's that for a claim to fame! "I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf / While j***ing off, listening to Mozart / Ur so gay and you don’t even like boys / No you don't even like... PENIS" pulls faces at all the metrosexuals out there. Katy says this song’s about an ex-boyfriend. Shame.

There's something for every one of your personalities here. "Hot 'n Cold" and "If You Can Afford Me" bring out your disco diva, while "Mannequin" and "I’m Still Breathing" play to broken hearts and bruised egos.

Katy Perry is the antithesis of the traditional pop princess persona. She’s like the daughter Pink and George Michael will never have. Singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist and savvy businesswoman – she's here to stay. Watch out Madge, she might just steal your thunder!

Katy Perry is a sexpot ready to rule Poptopia. I pledge my allegiance, oh hot one.

- Sam Brighton

It’s almost prophetic. The sweet daughter of two travelling pastors from Santa Barbara (no, we don’t make this stuff up) flies the coup at 17 to make it big in California.

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test 2008/09/19 1:53 PM
test test
Boob Biter 2008/09/22 9:37 AM
Kissed a girl So photoshopped
chops 2008/09/22 2:34 PM
Kate Perry Brainless lyrics, silly tunes. She makes music that sells because it's a little twisted and "naughty". Looks like she's trying to model Madonna. Nothing new here. Moving on...
Mark 2008/09/22 4:24 PM
Katy Perry - One of the Boys An the importance of Katy Perry's opinions and/or lyrics are what..? When compared to say...GW? CC? 50m dying with aids..?
S 2008/09/22 5:18 PM
Katy Perry i Love the album...watch this space, she's gonna be big
Bubbles de Vere 2008/09/22 5:40 PM
Katy Perry's little CD It's an abomination. Wow. Auto-tuned, photo shopped - so so plastic. And her lyrics are brainless and shocking. Please bring back the days where only REAL talent could make it big - Joplin, Morisson, Sinatra, Aretha, Freddie M???... I just find it all very sad :-(
Snarktastic 2008/09/22 6:41 PM
Katy Perry She's just a silly little girl trying to look all grown up and sexy by singing about something she knows nothing about. Bored now!
M 2008/09/23 10:45 AM
Katy Perry I love "I Kissed a Girl" because of it's controver-c and it just plain and simple sounds cool. But listening to the full album ruined it for me. Sounds a lot like Avril. And she should rather sing than talk please!
lebogang 2008/09/23 12:47 PM
katy perry, not a big deal i kissed the g... is blown way out of proportion.it is jst some naughty lyrics sung by a popstar wanna-be.
n 2008/09/23 1:39 PM
katty Perry the sad part is she does not even kiss a gril in the Video ha ha
Spicegal 2008/09/23 3:22 PM
No Talent Stupid Song! Stupid Album waste of time and money...A very bad one hit wonder!
gman 2008/09/23 3:24 PM
yummy sam you're so hot, marry me
james 2008/09/29 12:46 PM
i kissed a girl the first time i hear this song i like it
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