Keane - Perfect Symmetry

2008-12-24 09:24
Perfect Symmetry
Their fellow Brits in Keane, often discussed with the same breathless reverence, have a vastly different sound: imagine a shrill chorus on a wave of kicking, almost perky piano and bass. It doesn’t get much perkier than “Spiralling”, the first single of their new album Perfect Symmetry. But these are the words of troubled thinkers: “When we fall in love / We ‘re just falling / In love with ourselves / We’re spiralling”.

See, in a way, Keane’s music is more cynical than Thom Yorke's, who at least sounds like his guts are on the floor. How could you know that “The Lovers Are Losing”, but chirp and swoon like it all doesn’t matter very much in the end? You can, if you’re a pop nihilist.
No, it’s not all that dissonant: “Love Is The End” is a traditionally sober ballad of loss, no less brilliant for wearing its battered heart on its sleeve. But over the course of the album, a pattern becomes clear, and clearly brilliant: Keane are mourning the world, but sound like they're performing for Peaches Geldof's 21st birthday party.

But take a step back from this two-faced rock trickery. Keane aren't toying with us, they're just making rock 'n roll: feel-good and tragic at the same time. Whichever you choose to indulge in, you won't be bored with this astonishing work of charming dissymmetry.

- Niel Bekker
We like to think of Radiohead as epitome of depro genius. “It’s negative, but it’s bloody good,” your NME-reading, The Bends-loving pal might say, chewing on a Fisherman’s Friend.

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CapeTownJunk 2008/11/07 12:36 PM
Know your NME! According to, the NME gave this album 2/10. Not exactly bloody good, eh? See, the Poms love Radiohead, but they think Keane is absolute rubbish. I can see their point. I only bothered getting "Hopes And Fears", and for a while I loved it... but Keane's music is incredibly easy to get sick of. You won't catch me queuing up to buy this album.
jackrabbit 2008/11/10 10:26 AM
@ CapeTownJunk wasn't the NME comment about Radiohead, and not Keane?
CapeTownJunk 2008/11/10 5:26 PM
hehe jackrabbit Hehe, the article probably did say Keane when I first read it! :) Even so, I have to disagree that the Brit consensus is to speak of Radiohead and Keane in similar exalted tones, and that was more or less what I was getting at. I'd say Keane are closer to Coldplay than Radiohead... and yes, that's insults all round (except for Radiohead, of course)!
LV 2008/11/11 10:48 AM
OH my... How can you compare Radiohead and Keane?!
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