Ke$ha - Animal + Cannibal

2011-02-02 11:39
Ke$ha's debut album announced to all of those willing to listen that she makes no apologies for who she is, what she does, or what she drinks.

This 2 CD special deluxe edition, which includes the spanking new nine track EP Cannibal, basically reinforces the above fact, but also leaves Ke$ha coming off a bit artistically schizo.

Majority of the tracks on Animal figure her as a debaucherous, drunken party crasher who’s been dunked in a bucket of booze more times than she probably remembers.

But on Cannibal, she becomes this man-eater on a crusade to unleash her inner beast, even going so far as to compare herself to Jeffrey Dharma. Whoa, there!

Then on the Cannibal flipside, we’re slapped with a gorgeous ballad like "The Harold Song" were there’s minimum use of auto-tune and we get a better sense of what Ke$ha’s truly vocally capable of.

Even the mellower "C. U. Next Tuesday" (oh how clever) has classic elements of a marketable pop song.  Sadly, it's ruined by the over-use of the aforementioned auto-tune.

The album cover also sports two halves of Ke$ha’s face from Animal and Cannibal that have been stapled together, presumably to give you the “best of both worlds”. It doesn’t, because Ke$ha still has no idea what type of artist she wants to be, and this only confuses the listener even more.

Criticism aside, this 2 CD set has collectively spawned 2 Billboard #1s with number 3 well on the way if "Sleazy" is anything to go by. Co-produced by the legendary Dr Luke (who’s worked with artists that range from Kelly Clarkson to Santana), this track carries a heavy bass beat that’s just begging to be crowd/club pleaser.

Bottom line? It’s nowhere near awful, but I never want to hear the word “mangina” again. Ever.

Maybe this lady is really as schizo as this release suggests.
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C U wednesdag 2011/02/21 1:39 PM
Jeffrey Dahmer VS Jeffrey Dharma. Good write up.
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