Keith Urban the urbane - Keith Urban - Golden Road

2006-03-29 19:44

This ex-Aussie turned American looks like a Chippendale and sings like... like so many others.

This album is so lacking in anything special that it's blandness actually becomes offensive. Warning of the nothingness inside comes in the form of the CD packaging itself, which is more like a photographic portfolio than an album cover, consisting mainly of pictures of the "hunky" Keith in various male model settings. Come on, is this the Men's Health magazine's monthly Build A Sixpack special? Or is it music?

There's some attempt to give the album, Urban's second, a bit of character. But neat production and the use of a banjo to funk up the arrangements fails to save this collection of predictable songs from Musical Nowheresville.

Golden Road winds up combining the worse of two genres. It blends the cheese of country with the dullness of middle-of-the-road radio rock. Sappy love song after sappy song, rather than inspiring romance, is more likely to put you to sleep. Some listeners consulted for a second opinion also reported feeling not only drowsy, but also depressed.

* check out clips from the first six songs on the album (Left hand side)

- Jean Barker


"...Urban, who should bring an idiosyncratic side to his music, is clearly out to play Nashville's game. Proof? A preponderance of bland material aimed at pleasing radio consultants and programmers."
- Rich Kienzle for

If you enjoyed keith's self-titled debut, you'll love this collection of songs. He has more Top 5 material here, and the album is just something you can put on and totally enjoy at any time.
- Shelly Fabian for, who gave it 5 Stars

As tepid as I was, I decided to give it a fair try. "Never judge a book by its cover" is a saying that I came up with a few years back.
- Darren Staley for, who is a new big fan.

This ex-Aussie turned American looks like a Chippendale and sings like... like so many others.

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