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Kelis - The Hits

2008-03-25 11:27
In the short ten years spanning Kelis' career we watched as her anger subdued, her dress sense mellowed and her hair straightened. Fans mumbled "sell out!" when she appeared to be ditching her musical family The Neptunes who made her first three albums household names, but now the sell out appears even more apparent with the release of The Hits – a last-minute attempt by Virgin Records to make money off the "bossy" R&B/hip hop artist before she makes her move to a new label.

Fans who instantly fell in love with her unique eccentricity indulged as the Harlem-born singer-songwriter "matured", but enough is enough! The Hits might include some of her best singles, but there's simply no excuse for rehashed laziness. There are no new tracks, no new sounds and no new collaborations. The least Kelis could have done was shoot new images for the album cover… or is that too much to ask?

-Megan Kakora

We've seen her revolutionize the R&B and hip hop industry with the ferocious "Caught Out There" off Kaleidoscope, the edgy "Young, Fresh 'n New" off Wanderland, the sassy electro "Milkshake" off Tasty and the neo soul "Lil Star" off Kelis Was Here.

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