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Kelly Clarkson - My December

2007-08-24 15:54
So much so that with My December she ditches her Idols roots and actually tries to reinvent herself as Alanis Morissette's socially conscious little sister. Hell, she's even dragged Stooges’ bassist, L.A. punk legend Mike Watt into the moping mix.

Unfortunately for Kelly it takes more than just a brunette makeover, an aging punk buddy and lyrics boiled in a teen angst bag to pull off real rock rage. On wannabe hard rock aerobic workouts like "Never Again", "One Minute" and "Haunting" she sounds like a miffed cheerleader who didn't make the team.
Even worse, she's plain whiny on dear diary confession "Sober" and nauseatingly tipsy on Janis Joplinesque kiss-offs like "Chivas". It's enough to make you wanna blast out "Breakaway" at her and tell her to cheer up and get over herself.

- Miles Keylock

Global warming, wars on terror, poverty, consumerism…yep, it does sometimes feel like the world is going to hell in a Paris Hilton handbag. Hell, even all-American girl next door, Kelly Clarkson has the 21st century blues on her new confession session.

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Richard Dames 2007/08/27 7:45 AM
My December I would just like to know one thing! Are you at all, in any way a muscian,writer or composer.Have you ever done a live stage performance or worked in a studio.Because at least I've heard of Kelly Clarkson.I've never heard of you.You sit behind a desk,hiding, critizing other people.She's had the guts to perform on stage and make a name for herself.What have you done???
Nathan 2007/08/27 12:09 PM
Kelly Rocks Given "Breakaway" was a superior album but still My December sounds alot better than the r'nb/hip hop crap thats all over the radio. PS "Never Again" is hardly HARDrock. To say that just proofs the writer shouldn't review music since he doesn't know music.
damian 2007/08/27 1:30 PM
wannabe learn to read Nathan. the reviewer says "wannabe hard rock". which is exactly what clarkson is - a wannabe.
CHICHI 2007/08/27 1:33 PM
great cd I think she's staying true to who she is as an artist and not trying to make bubblegum pop that sounds like any other idiot. I think you should employ someone more experienced in all aspects of music to do review. This person is obviously not fully equipt for the job!!!
Rose street V. 2007/08/27 2:17 PM
why did you give it 5 stars? 5 out of 10?
ralph 2007/08/27 3:09 PM
nice try Sounds like she's been listening to Razorlight's "America": "there's nothing on the tv or radio that means that much to me." Good for her for trying to be otgrow her prefabricated pop idol roots. And her blonde roots too. She's much sexier as a brunette.
Werner Ungerer 2007/08/27 5:21 PM
Yeah...No Oh who cares about Kelly Clarkson or writing a decent review? I have a flare for the dramatic OH! and I actually like "Sober". I dunno. Music in general these days suck. Except Amy Winehouse and bluegrass. Kelly is too fat to understand real suffering and too wimpy to communicate any real rage.
WTF 2007/08/28 8:57 AM
Dear Miles Keylock When you are "reviewing" (inverted commas refers to your amateurish style of writing) an album, do you try and squash as many rhytmic, rhyming, ripproaring, radiant adjectives into 25 lines as you can? Propably in an attempt to appear smarter than you really are. Stick to reviewing baking recipies or something sonnyboy because frankly, I think you know less about music than your grandmother knows about porn. Cheers As*hole
Amy 2007/08/28 9:04 AM
I love it I think you're forgetting that everybody has different tastes, I personally really like this cd - stop being so rude and mean about people's work - get a life! Reviewing music is not about critisizing, it's about giving the reader a feel for the cd. All I feel from your review is pity for you!
Pikes 2007/08/28 9:18 AM
headline When I read the headline on the front page, "Kelly Clarkson commits suicide" I thought, FINALLY! What a disappointment to discover you were merely referring to another crappy album.
K 2007/08/28 1:28 PM
woah Wow. Some people’s children...come now play nicely. I think that it is good, no even necessary for an artist like her to try different things. For some one who was thrust into the pop world, she must find her own roots. And don’t give me that junk about copying another artist; other established artists "copy" each other all the time. It’s just called I-n-f-l-u-e-n-c-e!! Don’t be too quick to judge someone else’s creativity so harshly. You only come out, in the end, looking tired sad and old. As someone said that it’s only plagiarism if you don’t quote you sources
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