Kelly Rowland - Ms. Kelly Deluxe Edition

2008-07-16 06:44
So she raised a few eyebrows with her raunchy track "Work" and did an even raunchier remix. Now she thinks she can just throw the remix in with a bunch of tracks from her Miss Kelly album and call it the Deluxe Edition album? If "deluxe" means same sh*t, different CD, its deluxe alright and she's a cheapo deluxe.

There are two remixes of "Daylight" here plus the original, two remixes of "Work", a remix of "Comeback" (from Miss Kelly), a repeat of "Like This", "Every Thought is You", "Better Without You", "Love", "This is Love" (all from Miss Kelly), and a whopping four new tracks – all of which suck balls. If we wanted an album full of remixes, we’d get them off youtube. And she wonders why Beyonce is Destiny's favourite child.

Practice what you preach, Kelly – work!

- Natalie Sineke

Kelly Rowland cheated us. This album is nothing but an attempt at getting her fans to pay her bills.

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sphiwo manqele 2008/07/16 11:01 AM
u rock gal hey i just wanna say keep up the good work kelly ur album rocks but not all the songs
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