Kenny Rogers goes Back to the Well - Kenny Rogers - The Well

2006-03-29 18:18

If you're already wondering just what The Well alludes to, then you'd be spot on the money thinking it's a good ol' honest to goodness melting pot of pop flavoured country, of course. The very source of his inspiration to pull up a chair, kick off his shoes and sing in the first place!

Fans of that famous white beard are going to start speaking in tongues over rambles such as "Prairie Wedding" (a Mark Knopfler track) and "Harder Cards" where Rogers revels in the fact that he has a damn fine yarn to share. There's also a whole barnyard of tunes that show Kenny could always milk a mood for more than what they might lyrically be worth. "Suitcase full of Blues" is as expected a bluesy lament for the loss of dog, car, job, wife - but hey, it's country, so who's complaining?

When it comes to showing respect to his contemporaries Kenny is cool enough to give some seriously honky tonk dues to such legends as Hank Williams and even outlaws like Waylon Jennings and Lefty Frizzell on "We Owe Them More than That". Hell, he even has the balls to give kudos to John and Yoko on the MOR pop ditty "Listen to the Rain". Unfortunately oh-so-obviously saccharine tear-jerkers like Tears in God's Eyes", "You Have No Idea" and "727 East Magnolia Avenue" (Elton John alert!) dampens the classic country mood somewhat.

Yet finally, as star spangled love ballads such as "I'm Missing You" and "Love Like This" (featuring Alison Krauss) prove Mr Rogers is one country dawg with a few tricks left in his bowl.

Ah, Kenny - he of the rich country croon and down to earth, grandpa next door demeanour. Where have you been? Back to the Well sees the surely by now senile master of schmaltz return from a wilderness of endless compilations with his first set of authentic country anthems in ...well what seems like ages.

m.gendron 2003/07/23 7:20 PM
Kenny Rogers The Well Sounds great. Just my kind of music Yes most certainly
GENEVIEVE 2004/03/29 9:10 AM
Kenny Rogers Have not heard it yet, but I like his music
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