Kevin Michael

2007-12-21 10:47
Granted, musos with two first names are always annoying - especially when their second first name is Michael - but this Afro-sporting kid may just have some real soul substance under all that hair. He’s certainly given us what we’ve been pining for: crisp, fresh urban beats dressed with energetic rhythms of the kind that make a music lover out of anyone.

We heart Kevin Michael because he dares to be more than just big hair. Heck, we’ll even forgive the cliché. And although we’ll admit that it sounds like his soulful falsetto still needs to break, this homeboy is challenging all those urban contemporary clichés, reminding us that "We All Want the Same Thing" – good music.

Kevin Michael is our "Weekend Jumpoff" everyday of the week and we’re this close to writing him a "Love Letter".

Natalie Sineke De Freitas
Reckon every R&B artist sounds like the next? Kevin Michael’s new album may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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