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Khanyi Mbau

2007-11-29 12:27
So can Mzansi’s Queen of Bling actually sing? Well she can hold a note for a second or two, but that’s about it. Khanyi is just blabbing away and it’s no surprise that all she’s talking about is her cute self and the soap-opera that is her life. She tells the media to leave her and her sugar daddy alone in “Sthandwa Sami” and gets rather cheeky and vulgar on “Dunusa” (bend over) while poking fun at king Arthur’s infamous “Sika lekeke”. Then she just drones on about dancing on the red carpet with her expensive “Red shoes”. Sigh.

Mbau’s flimsy attempt at Afro-house is completely drab, despite being pumped up with dope beats by acclaimed house producers like DJ Mphulo (Mzekekezeke’s producer) and Zakhele Madida (the man behind L’vovo). This album is a disgrace. Clearly Ms Mbau couldn’t care less. This poor little rich girl has perfected the art of wrapping the media around her over-blinged finger. So props for that at least.

-Gugu Mkhabela
Three years ago Khanyi Mbau was just a name. Today she’s a brand that’s associated with fast cars, gold-digging, baby-mama drama, domestic violence and a mega wealthy hubby. You could say Khanyi exploited her two minutes of fame as an “actress” to launch her music career.

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NOKUBULELA 2007/12/01 9:20 PM
MISS No she 's not she 's just pretending to be seeing that people are entertaining her behaviour
Eddie 2007/12/03 9:30 AM
Two stars????!!!! I mean, two stars! Couldn't you give her 0.1 star or something? This album sucks, and so does she!
lolly 2007/12/03 1:02 PM
Off couse she is the Paris Hilton of Mzansi If the mine is there for u dig it until u r tied. Music doesn' t choose colour. Ur album rocks. not to mension yr outfits.
orline 2007/12/04 6:15 PM
khanyi u rock. khanyi she is the best.u are doing well.may god bless u many many more.i like your style
orline 2007/12/04 6:53 PM
khanyi ,the music is hot the new album rock girl.
Nhlaka 2007/12/06 11:48 AM
Like duh!! Khanyi gal you are rockin'!! Love your style n thanx for keeping us entertained!
mohau 2007/12/13 11:14 AM
micheals khanyi, gal u kock 10 tyms more than our very own celebrities, the creme of the crop
beyonce 2007/12/13 11:18 AM
mdau what ever yall say, khanyi mbau rockz keep on digging your way thru thier nerves
yaya 2007/12/30 2:32 PM
this woman is a horse mmmmmmmmm,you are hot as hell khanyi kuyafiwa kuwe
TBO 2008/01/13 7:15 PM
khaye 2008/02/13 2:00 PM
yes she is i think she lives her life to the fyullest as if nothing will happen tommorrow and nothing stands in her wtih that and she really wears like a millionaire and love her cars
TINKERBELL 2008/03/12 3:20 PM
HeLl No i hav sed this b4 and i wil say it again - ALL U HATERS CAN HATE BUT OKUSALAO KHANYI IS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!
Tokollo 2008/04/11 12:14 PM
Khanyi Wether you all like it or not, Khanyi rocks, we like critisizing her but hey, she has turned out to be a success. So lets give credit were it is due. Congrats Khanyi
Tokollo 2008/04/11 12:14 PM
Khanyi Wether you all like it or not, Khanyi rocks, we like critisizing her but hey, she has turned out to be a success. So lets give credit were it is due. Congrats Khanyi
irene 2008/04/13 11:47 PM
she is living her own life I can not compare Khanyi to Paris since they are different people. Khanyi is living her own life based on the choices she made so please let her do that in peace.
lerato 2008/05/19 10:36 AM
leave her in peace khanyi girl i think you rock live your life and never mind what people say about you they just wish they were you.girl power
lebogang 2008/07/02 9:31 AM
queen of snorb they say she" s a queen of bling but all i see is a queen of snorb. Gosh dis gal is worse than paris hilton or babalwa mneno!
vinolia 2008/07/02 9:38 AM
lower than de valley this gal has steeped lower than valleys.they say black don't crack but too bad coz she's about to crack.she ia definitey the paris hilton of mzansi.
trinity 2008/09/01 1:40 PM
back off i think that khanyi is just living her life. so basically relax khanyi because as lerato said they wish they was you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sindiswa 2008/11/13 3:52 PM
Grow up Khanyi 2 be honest, comparing this pea-brain to Paris Hilton is clearly an insult to Paris wabantu-shame no. I think Paris's behaviour can somewhat be excused, i mean she is a typical white person with no culture etc. As for uKhanyi, i mean she is a darkie n she knows very well that some things in life are a big no-no. Word of advise Khanyi....Things come n go n since she feels da need 2 brag on tv every now n den....Get the Whitney Houston story my love n learn from it. You are a mother now n you need to resemble a good examplery figure to your child, a girl nogaal......Grow up Khanyi, you are so Cliched.
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