Kid Carpet - Casio Royale

2008-07-14 07:58
One star for cleverness of the gimmicky name, which accurately describes the sounds Kid Carpet* gets from kids toys and a Casiotone. Another for probably being fun to watch live. And the third for his excellent taste in friends and tour buddies - he's hit the road with a range of the best indie types, including Arcade Fire, Willy Mason and Mylo.

Still that's still all just a big wank, because although he pulls off a decent summary of 2000s cultural nihilism on "Make it Look Good", Kid Carpet falls flat in the end. He really doesn't seem to have much very interesting to say, or anything boring to say interestingly, or any consonants.

- Jean Barker

Play it to your friends once because it's amusing, but this is Daniel Johnston without the tortured innocence, meets Beastie Boys without the pop talent, meets too much drugging to daytime TV.

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