Kid Rock - Rock 'n Roll Jesus

2008-01-21 05:20
Wait up. Isn’t this the white rapper who’s spent two decades selling himself as hick hop’s pimp daddy? Yep. Thing is, Rock's realised that rap’s always been a game for 20-somethings. At 37 he’s finally decided to head off in search of Rock 'n Roll redemption. Not that he tosses out his hip-hop tool box. He kicks off his rock cruise by 'sampling' the hook and chorus from Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" and Warren Zevon’s "Werewolves of London" into a rites of passage parable called "All Summer Long" (yep, it's that cheesy). But so what if it's a crude mash-up of rock clichés that riffs off Bob Seger's classic Night Moves?

Kid Rock sure couldn’t care less. He’s too busy telling us how he’s getting laid. "Your’e so hott I want to get you stoned/I don't want to be your friend/ I want to f**k you like I'm never gonna see you again" is his mantra on first single "So Hott". But damn if the good old-fashioned way this skirt chaser rocks doesn’t have you forgetting the recycled heavy metallic AC/DC riffs and almost believing the Kid’s alright. You're bound to give your buddies a high five when he takes the piss out of his ex-wife Pamela Anderson in cornball country hoe down "Half Your Age" by boasting about scoring a new babe "half your age and twice as hot."
Okay, but doesn’t all the boys own back-slapping braggadocio get a bit much? Like when he retreads his dazed and confused wigger rap past by declaring "I'm not no nudist/I'm fully clothed/And I f**k hot pussy until it's cold" on booty boast "Sugar"?

Okay, so Kid Rock's clearly still one macho, potty-mouthed, sexist SOB. But aren't some of the best rock ‘n rollers? Damn right. So what the hell is he doing getting all sensitive on big Axl Rose ballads that range from a meditative mid-tempo reflection on celebrity lifestyle ("Roll On") to an evangelical anti-war on terror protest hymn ("Amen")? Could one of music’s most irredeemable adolescents finally be growing up?

- Miles Keylock

"It's all sex, drugs, rock n roll/A soul sensation that you can't control/And you can see I practice what I preach/I'm your rock n roll Jesus! Yes I am!" wails Kid Rock on the arena rock title track.

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david 2008/01/21 10:44 AM
rocks righteous rock 'n roll.
remondo 2008/01/21 3:20 PM
kid rock tja
Jacques 2008/01/21 5:42 PM
kid jys n poes.. you wil find the meaning in an Afrikaans dictionary
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