Kiln - Dusker

2008-04-17 05:58
The first few songs have a slightly Industrial feel, the greasily distorted sounds filtering through building after building. "The Colorfreak" takes you to an abandoned factory, the sounds of long-dead machinery echoing off the rusting walls. Then as you start longing for a little purity, "Airplaneshadows" comes to take you out of the cold city and into the warm countryside.

The second half draws back a little from the graininess and takes a more relaxed stance. "Rua" perfectly captures the clockwork rhythm of the world. The highlight is "Korsaire", which toys with your attention while a piano is rebuilt from its digital bits.

You would quickly tire of Dusker with any sort of intensive listen. Instead, the album works beautifully as an ambient album, perfect for any post-party chill-down.

- Philip Langley

This kind of electronica is so organic it feels like it existed hundreds of years ago and will exist in the far future. At its best it will twist your mind inside out; at worst it will leave you bored and fidgety.

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