Kim-Lian - Balance - Kim-Lian - Balance

2006-03-29 19:26

Kim-Lian is proof that if you hype something loudly enough and long enough, you'll eventually sell a bit of it. But you can't make it really good just by saying it's good.

I'm not saying she's totally useless. She can sing and she isn't sickly sweet. But what she sings is obvious, stupidly anthemic sing-along candy, dotted with tired 80s tricks like echoes, grunting, and synth backgrounds. it's very Europop.

Thoughtlessly uncool lyrics like "Oh my god look at my world crumbling apart / As I chase the wind" will have you squirming uncontrollably in your seat.

Now there's really nothing wrong with corniness, necessarily. Look at ABBA - they're cheesy as all hell! And they're great. French band Air are high kitsch, yet state of the art. Tree 63 use every twee trick in the book, but they rock. The wonderful thing about time, though, is that it eventually sorts the one hit wonders from the good music. Or quite quickly in this case. To that point, if you're wondering: Kim WHO? You'd be quite right to wonder...

But she did that massive radio hit, "Teenage Superstar", just a few months ago (mid-2004). Nobody's really played her much since because, quite frankly, everyone's completely sick of it already.

- Jean Barker

You know that feeling you get at Christmas time, when you're hoping to get really great presents and you can't wait to see what's under the tree? The moment finally arrives for you to open your gifts and they turn out to be awful. Then all of a sudden it seems that Christmas has become over-rated.
- Sergio Davids for, on how Balance made him feel.

Why do we bother importing this soggy pop fluff? Months after her big splash, no-one can remember who she was.

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