Korn - Untitled

2007-08-27 11:23
Sure the ex-morgue worker still channels his anti-establishment obsessions into bruised alt.metal workouts ("Innocent Bystander”) and hip-hop skewered rap rock assaults ("Do What They Say”). The problem is some conceptually dodgy headphone hardcore ("Starting Over"), classical-psychedelic jamming ("Kiss") and colour by numbers thrash rifferama ("Ever Be”) that sounds like crap Nine Inch Nails.
Then there’s slapstick sports rap metal rages against the machine like "Bitch We Got a Problem" which masks its head-banger’s ball chorus with cheesy keyboards and portentous wails about being bipolar. Nope, Korn aren’t meant to be enjoyed on headphones. You’re meant to crank the amps up to 11 and headbang to these dudes. Only the tonsil-toasted moshing finale "I Will Protect You" comes anywhere close to making you want to pull the flying v sign and mosh the crap out of your mates. Finally, it's that "untitled" that speaks volumes: they’ve run out of ideas.

- Miles Keylock

First guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch left the band to find God. Now drummer David Silveria is ‘on leave’. Korn’s lead tonsil-toaster Jonathan Davis is understandably peeved. Pity then that on untitled he sounds fed-up, instead of pissed off.

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