Kylie Minogue - Body Language - Bootyful pop from Kylie

2008-12-24 08:53
Body Language
"Still Standing" extends the squirming synthesiser and vocal treatments beyond any discernible retro-disco funk, deftly investing Prince's R&B skewered sexual romp with a contemporary techno twist. Similarly, the hypnotic "Secret" struts to a burbling synth and bass beat with the pint-sized pop princess actually taking time off for a retro-rap interlude. Okay, so at times the Saturday Night Fever strut of "Promises" does tread perilously close to Kool and the Gang or Imagination style synthesised soul pastiche.

But the pure roller-disco funk of "Sweet Music" immediately re-sexes up the synapses, with Kylie's panting R&B sigh floating over a killer bass hook that demands you get your groove on. Not even frothy pop dance floor filler like "Red Blooded Woman" can inhibit her from consummating her marriage of seriously sensual R&B, pop and electro-flavours.

"Chocolate" strokes the diminutive diva's signature sex kitten appeal into entirely new erotic reaches where ambient male raps and gentle brass echoes rub up against blissful between the sheets slow grooves ("Obsession", "Loving Days"). Not content to carbon copy the pop disco smash hit blueprint of Fever, Kylie shows she's only too happy to embrace R&B without selling her ecstatic pop soul to mere booty shaking bump or grind. It's difficult to imagine anyone other than maybe Madonna being able to pull off something as consistently seductive as this.

With Fever (2002) securing unprecedented chart and critical success for Kylie, you'd expect the sexy siren to revisit the retro-electronic rhythms and funk-fuelled disco pop formulae on her latest offering Body Language. So it's something of a surprise to hear what initially sounds like Kylie kicking off her shoes and going "electro-country" on "Slow". But don't worry! The shape-shifting electronic soundscapes and sultry vocal murmurs soon start massaging the mood into a more familiar erogenous

Bjorn 2003/12/24 2:29 PM
Erm... I have always been a kylie fan - and Im almost sure this album enrage many of them due to her embracing the RnB feel.However in retrospect, Body Language brings back similar memories of her first attempt to go it alone without the aid of Stock Aitken and Waterman - Kylie Minogue [94] with Confide in me as the lead . Can anyone see/hear the similarities?As echoed in the review - Im glad she took the step NOT to give us a Fever prt 2 because the funky house thing would have gone into overkill.Going in this direction will definately give her some angle to play with for her next release [a reincarnation of indie Kylie?] Back to Body Language. A light 80s inspired funk fest with RnB flavoured pop songs that grows on you after repeated listens.Top tracks that stand out for me are Chocolate [can easily be on the next flake ad] I feel for you [with nods to Basement Jaxx] - Sweet music , Slow and of course the next single Red Blooded Woman [a mish mash of Survivor,Cry Me a river and Gangstas Kylie Minogue 94 , Dannii Minogue "Neon Nights"
Bjorn 2003/12/24 2:34 PM
erm to continued: Paradise. As echoed above, this is Kylies "Listening to" album, however are the kids of today ready for this?Kylies all mature now and this album notes a wonderfull timestamp in the already illustrious carreer of one of pops most endearing performers. LOVE TO YOU ALL
max 2004/01/12 3:34 PM
bardot fine, but what about her blatant Brigitte Bardot rip off on the album cover? c'mon Kylie. be yourself!
Heath 2004/08/01 10:29 PM
Body Language Awesome, Kylie has once again ventured into new territory for her. After the second one gets into Her Groove and Funks. Kylie aka Impossible Princess- Breath
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