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Kylie Minogue - X

2008-01-14 16:04
XX factor: 2 stars
Kylie is not Madonna - reinvention is just not what she's about. Kylie’s album is distinctively Kylie. Calling it new is an insult. It’s really just a continuation of whatever her previous, pre-cancer album was called.

The first track, "2 Hearts" is the kind of song I want to learn the lyrics to and sing at the top of my voice. And it’s also the only song I remember. It’s provocative, but this kitten could put sexy in a Christmas carol. What? Kylie do a Christmas album? Don’t be silly, this is one singer who will unabashedly sell sex until she’s 60.

She's hot, she's knows it, and she wants you to love her. She can also rock a mini skirt like it’s no body’s business. Damn her. She can't sing, but who cares.

- Ashlin Simpson
XY factor: 4 stars
Can Kylie still pull off the sex-poppet spiel at 40-something? Uh-huh. On "2 Hearts" she slips straight into dominatrix disco diva mode, lubricating an erotically charged electro-clash vamp with some glitter-balled glam rock riffs last heard on Bowie's "Jean Genie". She's no one trick tease though.

Mobile phone sex mash-ups of Madonna, Cher and um, Samantha Fox ("Speakerphone"), a locomotive synth-pop spin on her own sterilised Stock, Aitken and Waterman-ned past ("The One") and a freaky electro-hop lap dance ("Nu-di-ty") all milk 80s nostalgia with a flirtatious wink that makes Britney's recent attempt at selling sex sound like panty-flashing posturing.

Elsewhere she easily out-camps cabaret-disco obsessives like the Scissor Sisters and Mika by splicing and dicing samples of the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams", Madonna's "Holiday" and Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot's "Bonny & Clyde" into pulpy dance floor diversions "Like A Drug", "Wow" and "Sensitized".

- Miles Keylock

What is it about Kylie Minogue that has guys going gaga and girls going "grrr!"? Must you have a Y chromosome to buy her sexy dance pop come-ons? What better way to find out than with a pair of 'his 'n hers' reviews of the pint-sized Aussie pop diva's new CD, X.

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goda 2008/01/15 2:50 PM
I'm with Ashlin If it wasn't Kylie's CD, nobody would bother with it for a second.
NW 2008/01/16 7:36 AM
Kylie Minogue's career is like 70s fashion... I simply can't understand how anyone let it happen in the first place, let alone revive it.
david 2008/01/16 8:09 AM
the sexiest 40 year old in pop. can only shudder at what britney will look and sound like when shes 40.
Eugene 2008/01/16 8:23 AM
Kylie still kicking! I take my hat off to Kylie. She has come back with a killer album-as long as you are a dance music fan- and has overcome personal adversity without moaning and complaining. Kudos to the girl for carrying on and doing what she does best. Kylie is GREAT!
Heath 2008/01/16 9:24 AM
Twenty years in the business To have spent two decades in the industry must mean she has all the qualities to endure, and have sell out concerts to this day. See the White Diamond documentary and all is clear, Kylie is Fun and doesn't need to harp on issues.
Princess Echoes 2008/01/16 10:37 AM
Spot on, Ashlin! the girl can't sing...but she can rock. I'm loving the new CD. Very Kylie.
simone 2008/01/16 10:41 AM
Stop moaning you jealous harpies compare your income to hers and then tell us who is more effective. She can't sing but she sure can sell records.
George 2008/01/16 1:48 PM
dynamite diminutive diva! Wow, I'm relly loving this album, even if it does seem a little old hat, seeing as everyone is jumping on the electro-clash bandwagon. Madonna is still queen, and everyone else, especially Britney, should stop "reinventing" themselves, and just focus on what they do best. Britney at 40? Now thats a scary thought...
KylieFan 2008/01/16 3:40 PM
A tad tired I love Kylie - and have the book, DVD and calendar to prove it. But Miles: I think you've got it wrong - the new Britney album is miles ahead of this slightly dull (and very derivative) effort. 'Two Hearts' sounds just like a Goldfrapp tune, while elsewhere she "slices and dices" not simply Madonna's sounds, but her whole approach. Ashlin's right: she can't sing (but then that was never Madonna's forte either). But we still love her anyway. X
Koocachoo 2008/01/17 11:23 AM
WOW!!!! Kylie Rocks! Kylie's one of those few ppl who knows how to be sexy without being slutty. Take note Britney & Beyonce. Okay so vocally she's no Celine she's not even Mimi (and thank God for that!) but NOBODY does pop better than Miss Minogue. X is FUN FUN FUN and has got the perfect beats for summer. Here's hoping Kylie brings her tour to SA
Pierre Janse van Vuuren 2008/02/19 11:19 AM
Kylie is still tops After being a Kylie fan since 1988, and sometimes being a little ashamed of that due to all the negative comments of people around me, I am now a proud Kylie freak. Since her Impossible Princess CD, she just continued to amaze me. Her latest offering, X , was worth the wait. It is fun and a little naughty! Isn't it what pop is supposed to be???? Deal with it... Kylie = Pop ; Celine = Torch songs... Go Kylie!!!!! Hope you bring your X tour to South Africa!!!!!!
Dominic 2008/04/09 3:44 PM
BEST 2000's Singer so far!!! Kylie's CD is AWESOME!!!! Her Music Videos is BRILLIANT!!! And she is BEAUTIFUL!!! Yeah, WOW!!!!
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