Lady Gaga - The Remix

2010-10-14 09:44
The Remix

So if you're thinking "Lady Gaga dance remixes, what a bore?" you might have to seriously reconsider your prejudice.

Just take a peek at the album cover, which bombards us with a rather provocative looking 'nude' Ms Gaga striking her best 'blow up doll' pose with bits of sensational newspaper headlines carefully covering all the right private places. Hey, don't act surprised. This is after all, a 'paparazzi' pop diva who enjoys parading in public wearing a telephone on her head and greeting the Queen in a blood red PVC outfit, with red over-glamourised eyes to match.

But before I step on too many fan toes, let me say this: The Remix Album is one thoroughly enjoyable listen. Unsurprisingly the album focuses on revamping those singles that made her a hit rather than on any new material. It’s a great idea, as one gets to sample the remixing skills of a VIP cast who funk up Gaga's pop party.

The Chew Fu Ghettohouse makeover of "Love Game" features the lord of all that is Goth, Marilyn Manson . Weirdly enough the odd coupling is amazing even if you’re not a fan of Manson’s schlock rock. One can only imagine how tantric the video might be should there ever be one.

LLG vs. GLG’s version of "Poker Face" is also so fresh and creative that you find yourself asking "what took them so long to hook up?" And let's not forget about the Pet Shop Boys  tongue-in-cheeky remix of "Eh Eh" or Passion Pit's sweaty, hip shaking "Telephone" (featuring the bootylicious Beyonce ).

As remix albums go, Gaga’s is great and will be heating up night club dance floors long after she’s decided to part way with her ostentatious looks that we know and love her for.

Have you ever tried googling Lady Gaga? You'll be bombarded with thousands of awesome theatrical Youtube music videos and even more fans putting their spin on "Poker face", "Love game", "Telephone" and any other Gaga groove that might have even the slightest chance of being turned into a video.

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romyo gazi 2010/07/28 5:45 PM
v good
Josh 2010/07/29 10:26 AM
  • Rating:
Lady Gaga is a Michelangelo in her own friggin' league! A true, yet wack artist!
BEN 2010/07/29 10:38 AM
ma your hot
jb 2010/07/29 3:36 PM
freemason 2010/08/17 2:52 PM
she's a twisted freemason monarched butterfly - mind control freak! check out
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