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Lady Lea & Shannon - Kiss FM

2007-09-21 09:22
You have to be highly intoxicated or on some very bad drugs to enjoy Lea’s set which merges the electro, progressive and disco house flavas. For someone who’s been spinning in top UK clubs for 12 years you’d expect much more than this clichéd electro house-cum-faux-rave floor-filler. You’ve got to wonder how she expects people to dance to this recycled rubbish! Unbearable is an understatement. Still, “Greenloop”, “Wheels In Motion” and “Everybody” aren’t too horrid.

Good news is that her accomplice’s mix leans more toward techno house, is less noisy and has a lot more vocals. Although her tracks still have that annoying ripping sound, Deckalicious DJ Shannon’s collection is thankfully more upbeat and vibe-y. If you’re up for funky nightclub beats with great vocal diva touches, then tune into “See You Dancing”, “I’ll Do You” and “Yo”.

-Tiisetso Tlelima

Unless you have a death-of-eardrums wish or you fancy a piercing headache the morning after, going to see Lady Lea and Shannon attempting to strut-their-stuff live is a bad idea. Pounding rhythms, abrasive and window-shattering sounds are all they’re offering on this pumping electro/techno mix. It’s so OTT that you’d feel ripped off even if you got it for free.

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Annoyed 2007/12/22 6:59 PM
Bad Review This is the worst review of a CD i've ever read, obviously the reviewer has no idea on how to stay objective with reviews and bases the review on his/her own personal tastes. Tiiseto should never be allowed near a pice of text again. This album, while it has its failings, is probably one of the most forward thinking and progressive albums to come out of our country, and finally showing that we are players on the global dance music market. I'm sorry Tiisetso but this is what people are into these days, its a shame that people like you still have their heads stuck in the past era of boring deep and funky house. Viva la house revolution!
Freddy 2007/12/25 5:16 AM
I Agree Well sorry for you Annoyed but if you think this is one of the most forward thinking albums then you are obviously a ten year old kid... cause its absolute cheap rubbish.. And its sad that this generic electro it all sounds the same is even allowed to be pressed on cd.. I agree 100% with the reviewer... David Gresham , Whats happening China..
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