Lally e - Le Rata Go Bolela

2008-01-11 15:16
Thebe aka Chizboy may have gotten away with such vulgarity but Lally e is definitely taking chances with this second-hand kwaito that sounds like she recorded the album in her backyard. People have moved on and we want to hear lyrics that are relevant to our lives.

Half of the album is filled with songs that don’t make sense like “Le Rata Go Bolela” where she’s raving on about jealousy. And what the hell does “Chuchula” mean? She then goes on about sex and her big hips in “Di Curve Tseo”, how we should all go to parties wearing mini-skirts in “Centi Meter” and she even steals Trompies’ hit song “Kedibone O Le Wete”. She can’t even sing which makes this album even more appalling! Wonder who she thinks is gonna buy this throwback.

-Tiisetso Tlelima

Remember the heydays of Thebe’s party tunes “Dia Boa Ko Philly” and more uncouth classics like “Imbobo” (where he referred to women’s sexual organs)? We didn’t like the message his songs were portraying about women, but we still played them at parties. Le Rata Go Bolela is a dose of late ’90s kwaito-pop coupled with lyrics which would make any woman who’s got any self-worth cringe.

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Mindlo 2008/04/18 9:31 PM
its actually by That Kedibone o le Wete track you're refering to is by Nu Skool, not Trompies. I would like to hear this though
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