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LeToya - LeToya

2006-09-22 13:33
But, and rightly so, LeToya Luckett has proved she can make a name for herself, even after her very public and messy split from Destiny’s Child.

Her self-entitled album is a modest offering of smooth grooves, and slow jams, with each track epitomizing how quality Rhythm & Blues should sound. Don’t expect any of the outrageous choral embellishments or over-the-top vocal ranges that has come to litter female R&B. Instead look forward to good music you’ll want to listen to more than once.

Although LeToya is a mellow album, a couple of tracks offer hardcore, grinding beats featuring rappers Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Mike Jones and Rick Ross, and when you come right down to it is an ode to boyfriends and lovers past, present and future. For all those multimedia addicts, the enhanced CD features a brief look into the life of “the H-Town Chick” as well as a copy of the “Torn” music video.

It’s rather unfortunate that LeToya will inevitably be compared to her elementary-school pal Beyoncé Knowles who’s topped music charts the world over. Although the two have reconciled after the 2000 mudslinging (when Latoya and former member LaTavia Robertson tried to break away from Destiny’s Child) a just comparison cannot be made, as Knowles has recorded four studio albums as part of the Destiny’s Child trio and released two solo albums. A lot under her belt, and that's without mentioning the world tours, collaborations and a *cough* film career. Beyoncé has been around for a while; LeToya is just breaking through.

LeToya is simply a great R&B album all women can relate to. And for the guys… well, the promotional pictures on the liner notes will have to do.

- Megan Kakora
Releasing a debut R&B album is hard enough for an unknown artist, but it’s even harder being constantly over shadowed by one of the world’s biggest girl groups and compared to a 9-time Grammy Award winner.

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doctor 2006/09/24 10:20 PM
latonya latoya cd is dope
PHILE 2006/10/10 10:29 AM
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