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2014-03-04 10:25
lea michele
On some of the songs from her debut album, Lea Michele is convincing. On others, it's like she is acting.

The Glee star, known for her big voice, provides the pipes on Louder, but some songs sound empty and don't show much emotion or personality from the 27-year-old talent.

The dance-flavoured title track is typical and forgettable, as is "Don't Let Go". "Empty Handed", co-written by singer Christina Perri, comes off like an unimpressive Coldplay cover, while other songs echo Kelly Clarkson, but lack the energy that Clarkson's learned to build on her songs.

Michele, who has appeared on Broadway in Spring Awakening and other shows, gets it right on the piercing "Burn With You", where she sings: "I don't wanna go to heaven if you're going to hell/I will burn with you."

She also shines on the slow piano tune "Battlefield", one of four tracks co-written by the exceptional Sia Furler (Rihanna's "Diamonds", Beyoncé's "Pretty Hurts"). Instead of yelling, she works her voice nicely on "Thousand Needles", building it up when needed, but hitting softer notes to provide balance.

But, all in all, Louder is jagged. The songs don't play well together, and the collection sounds more like a demo, instead of a Golden Globe- and Emmy-nominated singer-actress' debut album.

That may be due partially to the group of producers and songwriters, which include Stargate, Benny Blanco, John Shanks, The Messengers, Anne Preven, Christopher Braide and more. While they've produced hits for others, from Clarkson to Rihanna, Michele might have been better off with a tighter and smaller group of collaborators.

Michele closes the album with the ballad "If You Say So", which was inspired by one of the last conversations she had with her Glee co-star and boyfriend, Cory Monteith, who died after overdosing on heroin and alcohol last year.

The track is somewhat chilling and worth a listen, but while the rest of Louder features a big voice, most of the time Michele isn't saying much.

Watch this video of Lea talking about the album:

Listen to the album here:

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KESHA 2014/05/05 3:06 PM
Again horribly biased review.I do not wish to sound mean or preachy but what horrible reviews from Channel24 published here,opinionated and highly biased. not only for this album but for all! what you should do is publish reviews that are unbiased and actual makes sense! My opinion? I am not a fan but I have heard the album. The music style used is pop and R&b and while it does tend to be not suited for her lovely voice, the songs follow suit and a common theme of love ,heartbreak and picking yourself up. Lea went through a lot and what she does here is reflect upon her loss without sounding too weepy. "Battlefield" gives kids a sense of well being and determination and shows them you can get through the worst of times and still come out a fighterThe idea is too be fair and take everyone's music taste into consideration, not only your own. Just some somewhat kind words to consider next time when choosing reviews!
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