Lenny Kravitz - Baptism - Lenny Kravitz - Baptism

2006-03-29 18:59
Anyone who's ever panted uncontrollably while watching Lenny's unashamedly self promotional music videos (that's everyone surely?) may be surprised to hear that he considers himself the "Minister of rock 'n' roll", but doesn't want to be a star, as he claims on "I don't want to be a star". I'm not sure I believe him. Is this his idea of irony? For a start, who but a rock star would have themself photographed naked in a large bathfull of tomato soup? Or is it blood? Perhaps his new video will be shot on location at the black pudding factory. And who but a rock star would insist on lyrics that rhyme 'hazy', 'lady', 'crazy' and 'shady' ("Lady") - served with generous lashings of pointless electric guitar solos - and still hope to be called fresh and exciting?

Still, Lenny is never a star you can dismiss as a joke. The tender and catchy "Calling all Angels" is a lovely melodic take on the obligatory sweetly-blue ballad, marred only by a sappy instrumental in the middle.

Actually, none of the songs are all that bad. Slate him as the critics might, Lenny knows his trade. Album after album, he keeps rock alive by giving it a digestible, funky pop edge. Baptism is a skillfully made, 'all in good fun' collection of songs. But it's also rather forgettable. Perhaps fortunately.

- Jean Barker


"...even though it kicks off with a ridiculous track called 'Minister of Rock 'n' Roll', Baptism is by far the least bloated record Kravitz has ever made. There's virtually no coffee-table funk here - Kravitz's homages to Hendrix and Prince are rock."
- Kitty Empire for The Guardian

"...if Kravitz was a minister his lack of fresh ideas would see him struggling to be re-elected. His work with Madonna showed he could write in different styles but sadly that's not on show here."
- Nigel Bell for BBC.co.uk

"Baptism employs the idea of rock as religious exoneration and an opportunity to explain, in the most boring, disappointing detail, how his dabbles in excess are a result of a grave emotional absence."
- Posted by astererebos on Rock Music Review

Either you get Lenny Kravitz, or you... don't really mind him that much. Does being highly acceptable make you a rock god these days?

goda 2004/06/23 1:37 PM
Lenny I wish they didn't produce so much of this bland rock. But I also think he's quite sexy. Perhaps he should "model" Yizo Yizo OST
Natassja 2004/09/17 12:55 PM
Batism I L O V E Lenny his the best and the best with his songs You rock!!!! Batism
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