Leon Schuster - Dra Die Bok

2008-11-27 15:01
So after twenty-six years of spot, Schuster still hasn’t tired of making music to scrum to. His latest compilation, Dra Die Bok adds two new numbers to his considerable repertoire, which has been handily narrowed down to fourteen odd tracks for your green-and-gold listening pleasure. Spinning through these makes one thing clear: no one does it better. “Die Rugby Onthaal” rivals Dawid Kramer’s “Blokkies Joubert” as the best ragga folk-anthem ever, while “Hie Kommie Bokke” is a deserved guilty favourite of millions of South Africans who haven’t forgotten the highs of 1995.

“Puke Watson” is typical Schuster fare, if perhaps a little nastier. Old Shucks threatens to “boksem” old Luke for calling him a Dutchman, but it’s the words, not the sticks and stones, that hurt the most: “As jy wil rugby speel / Met jou vinger in jou keel / Raak ‘n nasie hoogs bedonnerd”.

“Dra Die Bok”, on the other hand, is something altogether new for Oom Leon. He’s finally getting serious! With a giant wink to the battle cry of Bok van Blerk’s “De La Rey”, he makes an emotional plea for everyone (everyone, dammit!) to get behind the beleaguered Springbok emblem and prevent its demise. Calling on old rugby heroes like Paul Roos, Schuster gets political without getting hilarious for what must be the first time in his career. Who knows if the trend will continue?

Big names have been with him in the studio: Patricia Lewis, Steve Hofmeyr and Bok van Blerk all pitch in with lekker loslit cameos. Steve’s re-imagined Bulls anthem, “Ek bly ‘n Bok”, is a big contribution in particular: imagine how betrayed his fans in Pretoria must feel? These treffers, together with golden oldies like “Ag Pleez Daddy” and “Dink Jy Darem Nog Aan Dok” round out an absolute essential for your next, and your next, and your next Springbok-themed surf & turf braai in the backyard. Classic.

- Niel Bekker
Poor Luke Watson. Maybe he had it coming, maybe he didn’t. But having South Africa’s favourite lafgat calling you Puke Watson, “The Duke of Puke, The Earl of Hurl” would probably make most of us throw up at least a little.

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Francois De Wet 2008/12/01 11:18 AM
Ditsem Leon! Bly om te sien ons mense staan op wanneer dit tel. En as Luke Watson met ons wil sukkel moet hy maar die vrugte daarvan pluk. Daar is honderduisende Bok ondersteuners in Suid Afrika en ons staan bankvas agter Leon, Steve, Bok en almal wat vir Afrikaans en die Springok opstaan!!!
Anton Bruwer 2008/12/01 4:04 PM
Stem saam Ons het meer mense soos Leon hulle nodig. Die CD is 'n bewys dat ons mense sal saamstaan vir dit wat vir ons belangrik is.
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