Leona Lewis - Spirit

2008-06-03 12:51
Much like Christina Aguilera, Lewis has a penchant for high-pitched, lengthy monster pop ballads. She reaches pitches only Mariah Carey can match and holds notes only Whitney Houston dreams about. Lewis hits every note with an amazing vocal control that can be attributed to her performance art school training.
Revealingly, unlike most albums by UK pop artists, Spirit lacks Britain's urban resonance and instead has an American rock-pop sound to it. Most of the singles on the album begin with a restrained first verse, gradually building up to a climactic chorus. Some listeners might find it boring and eventually predictable, but others will relish the anticipation and savour the pent up choral release.

Spirit sticks to the traditional instruments, never venturing far from the regular drum lines and piano phrases of "Better In Time" and synthesizers in "Angel" and "Take A Bow". The brooding melody of "Homeless" is quite moving, but it's the power ballad "Footprints in the Sand" which lets you know Leona Lewis is one reality TV star who will make a successful career out of her new found fame.

- Megan Kakora

Leona Lewis blew audiences away with her remarkable voice during Season 3 of Britain's X-Factor. Surprisingly, the reality TV star's debut album Spirit is slightly restrained – a bit disappointing, but nonetheless, still a great listen.

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Lebo 2008/04/04 3:53 PM
Leona Lewis I went to musica, highly excited at the thought of buying to her music , was not up to listening the overplayed bleeding love song. Shockingly enough, the overplayed song, was the only song worth listening to, i found it quite monotonous. I think it sad for musicians to give us one hit wonders and yet paying them good money for nothing. Im gonna give it 2 stars, perhaps she'll appeal to teenagers.
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