Lianie May - Kersfees met Lianie

2009-11-19 12:11
Kersfees met Lianie
Kersfees met Lianie kicks off with two pitch-perfect Christmas singles. “Sneeuman” is a playful, catchy boere rock number that may be too cute for some but, like a Christmas sweater from Ouma, has its time and its place. The songwriters, Johan Vorster and Sean Else of Eden fame, have yet another hit on their hands and as a standalone single, “Sneeuman” would be great value for money. Of course, some folks still remember Christmas as a Christian holiday, and they’ll be happy to hear the original Afrikaans carol “Geskenk Uit Bethlehem”, another Else/Vorster penned track.

So far, so good.

But then May switches to Brits. It’s not so much the strange accent that’s her downfall (although it is always, annoyingly there), but the fact that May seems to be concentrating so hard that she forgot to sing with emotion. May’s rendition of these extensively covered Christmas songs offers nothing that Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey or even Bles Bridges do not. Remember, guys, if you want to cash in, you’d better do it well.

What could have been a fantastic Christmas single (with bonus track!) has been turned into a sub-par, forgettable full-length album. If Lianie May’s planning something similar for 2010, we can only hope she gets started in January so that, come December, we’ve got some real quality to fill our stockings with.

So that’s Christmas with Lianie, is it? All the guests arrive, they’re greeted in Afrikaans and then the evening’s conversation resumes in awkward English?

Val 2009/11/19 7:53 AM
What accent is it because I cant figure it out. Definately not an Afrikaans accent...
Nicole 2009/11/19 11:18 AM
Haven't heard it but possibly american? I have some afrikaans friends who speak perfect english, with an american accent since they hear it so much on tv etc.
Adriaan 2009/11/19 12:09 PM
it sounds like she's from South America...
Debonair 2009/11/23 8:29 AM
I don’t understand why she is criticised so much for her accent, it is still much better than 99% of the English and also Afrikaans that is used daily on South African television. Give the girl a break and support our local talent.
Tiny 2009/11/23 9:40 AM
I dont think she needs to pose like that on a Christmas album, If she use her body to sell copies she miss the true spirit of Christmas, may be she needs a drink before she sings in English.
Dave 2009/11/23 10:41 AM
i am not a fan of Afrikaans music , but she is actually not bad , give her a break she is better than most English singers in this country.
Collin 2009/11/23 11:51 AM
I saw hear on Noot-vir-noot and she was very good. I don’t understand why she is criticised.
sakkie 2009/11/23 1:45 PM
why can't people mind their own business and leave celebs alone.start looking into their lifes and you will find a lot of skeletons behind their doors and under their beds but they have to criticise to keep the attention off themself. they make me sick
Gemsbok 2009/11/23 1:48 PM
This is typical english snobbish critic. Anything Afrikaans is rubbish in the eye of an englishmen. Go and listen to jingle bells in your own taal and leave Afrikaans music to the Afrikaans people.
Niel Bekker 2009/11/23 3:02 PM
Gemsbok, ek is Afrikaans. Jy sal 'n Afrikaanse weergawe van hierdie resensie op Nuus24 vind. Is die kritiek nog ongeldig as dit in Afrikaans deur 'n Afrikaner gelewer word?
koos 2009/11/23 4:20 PM
So come on guys what difference does an accent makes? It is her style just like every other artist has his/her own style. I like her songs - let the music loving public and her fans vote with how popular this album will be. I think it will be in the top 10. If you don't like dont't buy it.
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