Liesl Graham - Chrysalis

2008-02-27 17:36
"Be Real" opens the album with sci-fi techno special effects similar to a kid’s first play-play telephone. It’s a rude awakening and you hope this is not how things are going to continue.

"Go Home" is marginally more listener-friendly, swopping fake telephone noises for triangles and tambourines. Unfortunately, none of these discordant efforts are able to mask her painful voice. She can hold a note, but it’s delivered in an endless, constipated wail.
Self-penned, indulgent lyrics such as "Oh am I now beautiful? / Am I now rare? / Do you even notice me / do you even care?" are blithely unoriginal and prove that she put no effort in. Unless she really believes that her writing is original. Shame.

This self-proclaimed "rock/pop" musician (?) needs to go back to the drawing board and find out what kind of music she wants to make, because nothing gels on this album. Even the cover artwork is a flop – her butterfly looks like a scary Donnie Darko.

- Sam Brighton

What happens when Donnie Darko meets Amy Lee? They have a mistaken affair and give birth to this abomination called Liesl Graham. Here’s a karaoke star who managed to wangle (or flirt) her way into a recording contract and took musical inspiration from “Die Musiek Fabriek”.

goda 2008/02/18 08:53
ha ha ha! Hilarious. Loved it and agree.
Donnie 2008/02/18 12:06
Loved the cd Having bought a copy of the cd I must disagree. This is a great album! Probably to nu-rock for Samantha though...who probably is not even aware of Liesl's last release (All Roads) that went to number one everywhere in SA.
diva 2008/02/18 12:09
Definite case of sour grapes Sam, when I read your review, I was expecting, in your words, an 'abomination' of an album. In fact, I was looking forward to it. But how wrong you were! Graham's album has so much to offer, and I enjoyed every track, especially 'Your Love' and 'King of Me'. I think her voice is truly unique (without a wail in sight!)and I believe this butterfly will spread her wings and go far.
brenna 2008/02/18 13:16
Clueless! Suprised your review doesn't classify as hate speech, its disturbingly vitriolic. I think the album rocks and her voice is amazing.
Dank 2008/02/18 13:23
Karaoke star? Why a karaoke star? Abomination? Did she steal your boyfriend and this is your comeback, sam? You sound about 20 maybe 21 - not a professional review nor a professional journalist
M 2008/02/18 14:22
Brilliant! Seems as if all 4 of Liesl's fans have stumbled onto this review! The reviewer is giving her own opinion of the music, love it or hate it you've gotta give her a thumbs up for a very well written piece... I loved it Sam, keep up the great work!
dave 2008/02/18 15:28
Was that you Myles? Seems to be a fair amount of antagonism towards Liesl Graham?
Sadie 2008/02/18 16:17
That time of the month? Woah, harsh. Think someone has a bad case of PMS
Barry 2008/02/18 18:01
Review in Bad Taste This review is in such bad taste... But who cares what SB says - we the founders of Liesls EC fanclub luv the album!
jordan 2008/02/19 10:14
Liable Surely you cant call a person an abomination? What's that got to do with a cd review? I think its liable, and by the way M, liesl has a lot more than 4 fans
M 2008/02/19 10:48
haha Jordan, I think you're referring to the word "libel" - if you're going to criticise this review at least be intelligent about it.
annie 2008/02/19 10:53
Sam: Trying to replace Randle on Idols? If Sam (not sure of her credentials) can write such a very defamatory piece of work, wow, maybe she should fw her cv for all to view...
Mark 2008/02/20 09:00
Oh.My.God I think you're being a little harsh on abominations. Then normally have fairly good tunes. In Liesl's defence - I doubt she wrote these songs, they sound like some sort of robot penned them.
Jenny 2008/02/20 09:46
Not very Bright On Sam Making descent music is her job. Writing descent reviews is yours. I doubt whether it was her intention to make people dislike her music. But you, Sam Brighton, seemed quite deliberate in every tasteless sentence you strung together in this review. I think you might have just shot yourself in the foot...
Lilly-Anne 2008/02/20 09:56
Classic stuff, Jenny I think you meant "decent", but your error is too funny. What do you know about decent reviewing? You can't even SPELL "decent"! I give you a minor fifth out of five.
Kim 2008/02/20 10:39
Liesl Graham She can't be that bad if she is signed to Gallo and reviews for her previous album went somthing like this: A supreme effort where strong lyrics collide with intelligent rock’ M E N ' S H E A L T H M A G A Z I N E Not my sort of music, but I didn't think it was that bad. Your comments seem to be scathing in the extreme, Sam.
Mark 2008/02/20 10:48
don't be silly Ha ha! Men's Health magazine! ha ha! That about sums it up. Top notch music magazine, that.
Andrew 2008/02/20 11:22
Why review a CD if you hate it? Right thing to do would have been to hand it over to another reviewer who might have, at the very least, been able to write a balanced, constructive review. This is just a hatchet job. Not cool, Sam.
carol 2008/02/20 11:27
childish and hateful who gave you a job as a journalist? did they think that just because they didn't know who liesl graham was that they should give the review to the intern with the bad spelling?
james 2008/02/20 12:08
jeez, sam did liesl shoot your dog or something? having read your review i just had to listen to a few clips to see HOW bad it must be....don't know what your problem with liesl is, but it sounds personal....try objectivity. it could work for you. and PLEASE don't hide behind the 'i'm entitled to my opinion-freedom-of-expression crap'. i'd love to hear a song you wrote....could it be any worse than your journalism?
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