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Lil Mama - Voice of the Young People

2008-06-10 06:06
Claiming to be the voice of the young people is a bit presumptuous – even for a 17 year old rapper best known for her poppin’ lip gloss. But it’s exactly that audacious attitude that warrants the attention ‘Lil Mama’s been getting from industry heavy weights like Ali Samii, James "Groove" Chambers, DJ Enuff and Dave Lighty.

Voice of the Young People is loud. Vibey tracks like “Shawty Get Loose” (featuring cutie Chris Brown) and “Lip Gloss” are what we would expect from a timbaland-strutting, finger-snapping, bling-flossing mama like this ‘lil one.

She also has a few surprises up her sleeve. Gritty, heartfelt tracks like “L.I.F.E” and “College” prove that even artists with the word ‘lil’ in front of their name have big things to say. With female rappers like ‘lil Kim selling out and Da Bratt fading into oblivion, Lil Mama gives us hope that her voice won’t just be a “One Hit Wonder” girl power phenomena.

Natalie Sineke

While Voice of the Young People is not exactly what we would call “off the hinges” it has a ‘lil something.

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