Lily Allen – Its Not Me Its You

2009-02-26 14:33
It's Not Me, It's You

Listen to the poppy ditty "F*ck You”. This rhyme-like tune is as sweet as sugar until you bite into the bitter lyrics. "F*ck You'"s book end the song to give the illusion of gratuitous cussing, but between the harsh words you’ll see why her subject deserves it.

"F*ck you / f*ck you very very much / Cause your words don't translate and it’s getting quite late / So please don’t stay in touch... So you say it’s not OK to be gay, well I think you’re just evil / You're just some racist who can't tie my laces / Your point of view is medieval."

Is she just jumping on the activist bandwagon? Or has someone really pissed on her battery? It's hard to tell, but Lily Allen has never been nice or courteous. She’s made her money from insulting ex-boyfriends ("Smile" from her previous album, Alright, Still) and she's still got some issues about that. Well wouldn’t you if your boyfriend left you just after a miscarriage?

But Lily isn't a naive teenager anymore. "Everyone's At It" cuts a white line under drug abuse, hers and others. Her current radio hit, "The Fear" might have you thinking she wants "fuckloads of diamonds", but actually she's crying out that they’re blinding her. On the beautiful, almost ballad-y "I Could Say", Lily pushes aside all the bullshit and celebrates her singledom with a maturity not generally associated with a 23 year old. She admits that "Since you’ve gone / I've lost that chip on my shoulder". Boy, aren't we glad!

"Back at the Start" sees Lily take responsibility for being a brat and you realise this is not just another album on the shelves for her: "This is not just a song / I intend to put these words into action". It's her catharsis; her metamorphosis; her heart on a 12cm piece of plastic.

She's foulmouthed, bitchy and so confused she could be a trannie. But all this is decorated with her smooth, surprisingly innocent voice and lovable, finger-clicking melodies, like a cactus wrapped in pink satin.

'It's Not Me, It's You' brings you the same sharp-as-a-tack, scathing and callous Lily Allen, with just the slightest hint of maturity. But it's almost as if she doesn’t want you to recognise it.

dave 2009/02/26 7:20 PM
she's got a way with words, this kid, i'll give her that.
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