Lindsay Lohan - Speak

2006-03-29 22:49

GALLERY: Lindsay looks a lot better than she sounds. See for yourself

Not much can be said about a record that makes even Ashlee Simpson sound like a bona fide pop diva. Being in the limelight and trying to live an ordinary life never sounded so drab.

Lindsay Lohan is not one of the greatest actresses around. Neither is she a great singer by this album's evidence. Although she can hold a note, her debut album is not something to rave about - it's kinda like Britney when she first came out. Only not as catchy.

In fairness, tracks that actually warranted a bit of interest were "Symptoms Of You", "Something I Never Had" and "Over". The album features her single "Rumors" as the bonus track.

Another highlight of her album is the CD cover. She is a bit of a looker and the images on the cover are much more enjoyable to look at than the CD is to hear. She also co-writes most of the tracks and the lyrics seem to be suited to her personal situation - living in the public eye at a young age.

What the album does prove is that Lohan has what it takes to compete with all the other young pop superstars in the scene right now; especially those who think that having their own album is the next feather in the cap of teenage stardom.

If you're a Lindsay Lohan fan, you'll probably find the album not too bad. It features plenty of grunting and teen tantrums - think a candyfloss version of Avril Lavigne.

If you don't like her movies that much, you won't enjoy Lohan's CD any more than a day at the dentist's. Let's just hope this was her first and last album attempt.

- Janine-Lee Gordon

After starring as a cute kid in over 500 commercials, appearing in sitcoms and subsequently building a pretty successful career in films, Lindsay decided, as many do, that she'd like her own pop album. She's quoted on as saying "Life is full of risks anyway, why not take them?" Unfortunately, by making Speak, it seems she may have pushed her luck a bit too far.

Jean 2005/06/07 9:34 AM
Speak? Shut UP! She should have called this album "Squeek", or "grunt" or "ooh" or "ugly 80s cover art". Ultimate Kylie - if you like candyfloss pop, at least it's GOOD candyfloss pop
Cara 2005/06/07 2:02 PM
Rob Thomas Rob Thomas
Sara 2005/06/07 4:17 PM
Lindsay is right Lindsay is right. There are risks in life and you should take them. Just like me. when i was 5 i wanted to be a doctor, when i was 8 i wanted to become a veteranerian and now i am 11 and i have already decided to be a dancer, actress and singer. But nost importantly Lindsay is one of my favourite teenage singers and actresses besides Hilary Duff and the Olsen twins. And i think that Lindsay has a really catchy cover too. Her songs "Rumours" and "Over" are da bezzzt! Gwen Stefani aswell
Dean 2005/06/07 7:37 PM
I love Lindsay LINDSAY LOHAN ROCK!!!!!!! Blink 182
John 2005/06/07 7:52 PM
Awesome album This album is great it has hit songs like"Over" and "Rumours". She shows that she can sing ballads,rock and pop. It is doing very good on TRL and has sold over a million copies its a platinum record alot of other artists have not sold a million copies. I cant wait to see Herbie fully loaded. Buy this cd its much better than Hilary Duff's albums. Avril Lavigne and Lindsay Lohan
Asadab 2005/06/16 10:41 AM
Weird and not that appealing The Cd is not to appealing to me. She has gone to far....this time. Eminems Encore
lisa 2005/06/20 9:09 PM
Hilary wannabe omigod she sounds exactly like hilary duff!!!!!!! Kelly Clarkson!
ALEX 2005/12/28 1:43 PM
YIP... LINDSAY SUCKS!!! LISA IS SO RIGHT... Lindsay had a kinda good start in her music.. but it aint good anymore... and she is a total hillary wannabe!!! she should try something else cause she's going nowhere the way she is singing now... i watched the music awards a while back and she preformed .... it was so horrible she made mariah carrey sound wonderfull!!! so no thanx to LINDSAY!!! HILLARY DUFF
Val 2006/12/21 11:23 AM
Lose it! I totally agree with Lisa and Alex..........Lindsay maybe if you stop with the horrible wannabe act people will stop the "rumours" and they will "backoff from you and they will let you live!" cause then they be happy cause they dont have to hear you!
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