Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight

2007-06-05 09:33
Linkin Park tries to expand on the well worn nu-metal rap-rock sound of their previous albums. With the help of veteran producer Rick Rubin (Slayer, System of a down, Red Hot Chili Peppers), they produce results. While this may not be the Sgt Peppers they hoped for, it's enough to give them a boost out of stagnation. Fans will be happy that they retain their knack for writing great hooks, and have kept their rebellious-yet-sensitive posturing intact.

Linkin Park have always been a rather odd band compared to the rest of their nu-metal brethren, appearing outwardly as angry, but charming with songs that were always far slicker, with their smooth vocal harmonies, synth hooks, and soaring choruses. A bit like a rap-metallised Boston or Bryan Adams, Linkin Park are the consummate pop craftsmen of the disenfranchised Adidas generation - the angry music your mother can also enjoy. Their worst failing has always been the rigid formula. At least 70% of their songs stuck to that formula til now. With Minutes to Midnight, this has changed, but is that for the better? Despite punky opener "Given Up", Minutes to midnight, sticks mostly to middle of the road AOR. "Leave Out All the Rest", and "Shadow of the Day" see them doing their best impression of latter day U2. There are still the trademark rap/synth/shouty chorus songs that made them famous, and a few stabs at hard rock, such as "No More Sorrow" (which, by the way sounds suspiciously like AFI’s "Miss Murder".)

Minutes to Midnight is a decent album overall, and a lot better crafted than many recent commercial hard rock products. It’s very easy on the ear, and after a few listens you’ll find yourself humming these songs in the shower. The biggest turn off is the faux anger of some heavier songs, and the inclusion of Mike Shinola’s one dimensional rapping, which only adds a hopelessly white bread hip-hop gloss to the proceedings.

This album should please fans, and perhaps even get them a few new ones. The new ground they’re treading isn’t all that exciting, but it avoids the repetition they were guilty of earlier in their career. The biggest pull? Strong hooks. Any track could sit comfortably on your party play list between Def Leppard and Maroon 5. If they dropped their ridiculously false nu-metal streetwise anger and pretensions deepness, they could be a pop force to fear.

- Ivan Sadler
Linkin Park still write great hooks, and Minutes to Midnight explores some new terrain. Bedroom doors around SA slam as it lands...

Bronwyn 2007/06/05 9:13 AM
ABSOLUTELY GREAT! I have had this CD for about 3 weeks now and it has been from my car to my lounge, back to my car! This new CD is absolutely amazing – they have been quite for quite a while, but have really made up for that. I recommend anyone in 2 minds about buying this CD to go ahead – you won’t be disappointed! Better than 3 stars!
Melinda 2007/06/05 11:28 AM
ABFAB Bought CD on the weekend & immediately loved it! Usually takes me a few listen's to get into the swing of things but not this time. Time to give the Stadium Arcadium in my car a bit of a rest!
Lorraine 2007/06/05 12:19 PM
Minutes to Midnight Well what can one say, just as you think Linkin Park has gone quite they come back with one heck of a bang, my kids have all there cd's and dvd's and Minutes to Midnight we just dig it as a mother age 42 i love Linkin Park and thanx to the kids they got good smaak.
Kas 2007/06/05 2:28 PM
Resh 2007/06/05 4:21 PM
Your Review Sucks! This is the album of the year. It rocks!
WeZ 2007/06/05 6:15 PM
This is no 3 star cd! Have this cd...and although it immediately struck me as being different or, dare i say it, not linkin park; having listened 2 it a few times over i'm loving every second..Linkin Park are back and they mean business. They aren't as heavy as they are before but awesome lyric writing makes this album a must have. I think Mike Shinoda is sublime as always - Mr Ivan i think u hav it wrong.
Lizelle 2007/06/05 6:25 PM
Totally Rocks This album is the best so far off Linkin Park. Really enjoyed it. I like what they did they freshend up but stays the same with the way they do things. I totally love this cd.
LPfan 2007/06/05 7:06 PM
Wut? You obviously have no idea who Linkin Park are. While, agreeably, the album is easier to listen to than Hybrid Theory, Reanimation and Meteora, it's not better because of the lack of anger and Mike. In fact, that's what MADE LP,the sick rhymes and aggro, screamo choruses and the overall nu-metal sound. LP tried something new with Minutes, and as a rock band they did good, but they scrapped their nu-metal style that brought them fame, and that's where the shortcoming of this album is. As a Rock record, Minutes will most likely blow your mind, but as an LP fan you'll sit there asking "Where is my Mike ShinoDa and my angry choruses?" Mike Shinoda + Chester's chrouses = Linkin Park. New "Emo" LP = Good Record, but not LP. And by the way, you fool, LP were never pop, and I'll shoot them if they become so.
DevenD 2007/06/19 1:34 PM
Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight No matter what people say, a band cannot constantly be judged by their previous albums, sales or their sound. As a band, if the band wants to succeed, the band must evolve and! thats exactly what Linkin Park have done on their new album. One of the best! albums of the year so far!
Josh 2007/09/03 9:09 PM
Great stuff a real grower album. Nu-metal is dead and lp knows that, so they went into a different direction. I LOVE this album. The album is also more lyricly advance and has more instruments. <3 tracks like: What ive Done, Bleed it Out, Shadow of the Day, Hands Held High, In Pieces and The Little Things give you Away
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