Linkin Park - Road to Revolution

2009-01-15 09:54
Linkin Park

But maybe it’s not so obvious. A lot of people just don’t bother with them, but the wave of live CD/DVD combos currently flooding the market are actually quite nifty, and offer good value for money. Besides, every fan should see their band at the top of their game.

And Road to Revolution is Linkin Park at theirs. It is a strong live performance, it is a feast of their whirling urban-rock sound. And it is very, very well shot.

As ‘nice’ as it is to have the entire concert on CD, for listening to on the move, perhaps, it is the DVD that really shines. Erratic yet slick, the camera work and editing have more than a bit of action movie about them. But who wants endless close-ups of Chester Bennington’s face turning red, after all? Nope, best to zoom in at the speed of light, lose focus for a second, pan to Mike Shinoda scratching on the decks, and cut to a wide shot of the audience, camera shaking all the time, before you know what’s happened. Linkin Park is an action movie, after all.

As often happens with these performances, the intensity of their most aggressive songs, ie “One Step Closer” and “Bleed It Out”, dwindles a bit in its recorded form. In contrast, the high drama of “Crawling” is pretty apparent. And in case you were wondering, Jay-Z does show his pretty face for fan favourite “Numb / Encore” in one of the highlights of the performance.

Fans: pick this up.

Think of a band. Now imagine your relationship to this band resembles a love affair. You sing their songs all day long: in the shower, at the gym, in the 10 o’clock meeting while your boss stares at you. It is obvious what you need: their live DVD.

Sean 2009/01/15 11:12 AM
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I got this CD/DVD as a Xmas gift. As a die hard LP fan i must say this live album ROCKS. What u waiting for go buy it!!!!!
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