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2007-06-26 16:39
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Lira has finally found her comfort zone and as a result her sophomore album Feel Good shines. There are no vocal gymnastics and no synthesised sound. Just her sweet, clear vocals over jazzy, soulful music, Ah… pure pleasure. The up-tempo, soul-infused “Feel Good”, smooth jazzy hit “Ixesha”, acoustic “Dumisa” on which Lira plays the guitar, goose-bump inducing “Yeah, yeah, yeah” and afro-jazzy “Change the World”.

What makes Lira’s album encouraging is not only the massive improvement, but the way she's taken music that could just be more "Afro-Jazz" and used it to develop a sound that has a bit of her own signature, and therefore sounds fresh.

Maybe the move from Arthur’s 999 stable was just what she needed in order to truly find her musical comfort zone - somewhere where you can feel connected to her, and she to you. However the feeling's not perfect. You still get the sense that Lira's holding something back. Who is she saving it for?

Lira had a lot of control on this album, composing or co-composing 13 of the 14 tracks. On most of the tracks she partnered with talented yet relatively unknown musicians Victor Mngomezulu and Tshepo Sekeleto to write the songs.

Production by Robin Kohl of Jazzworx gives the album a professional clean feel, making Lira ready for the international market. Now the rest of the world can feel good too.

-Nomfundo H Mbaba+Tshabalala
From the first second of the first track, you can tell that this musical journey is taking us somewhere good. And it sure does Feel Good.

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Nombuso 2007/03/06 9:48 AM
Keep it Lira ur a star/Diva Lira I know that u have a good voice, but its a first time I hear a good music after 999, please keep on doing it ur a star, u are the one I can vote for as a S.A. diva
Lucienne Sampson 2007/03/06 10:25 AM
feel good she sounds almost like Jill Scott and her music hits me that I actually get goose pumps
PHINDI 2007/03/06 10:33 AM
i wana feel good it da bom
nosipho 2007/03/06 10:43 AM
i wanna feel good i like most of the album
Busi 2007/03/06 12:23 PM
Lira OK on the radio I have only heard Feel Good, and I think it's a beautiful track -
Kgomotso 2007/03/06 12:23 PM
Feel good I like the purity within the composition and the injection of a free voice that tells every one to feel free and good.
Lungi 2007/03/07 8:14 AM
Feel Good I bought Lira's album 4 days ago and I can't get enough of it, it's fresh and funky and totally cool to listen to. She really did a good job on the album. My favourite tracks are Feel Good and Change the World
SINBAD 2007/03/07 12:32 PM
Ixesha andinalo - Sukundimoshel'ixesha She's the really Songbird,time is money really Lira i like the song sukundimoshel'ixesha.
bame 2007/03/13 3:07 PM
feel good the song rocks, love it!
Nosipho 2007/03/22 12:19 PM
Comment on Feel Good album I think the album is in a class of its own. It has the African rythm and yet has international standard.I think you are going places Lira. Way to go girl !
Edith 2007/03/26 12:35 PM
Good I love the CD,it is really good. And it i would definetly go and buy it . It's got that jazzy sound in it which i really love. I would give it 10 out of 10 if i were to score it.
thami 2007/03/27 12:55 PM
cant wait to see her, album rocks Album is beautiful, I cant wait 2 see her at the Cape Town Jazz Festival, it is going to be massive, I hope the Organizers are accomodating her show in a big enough hall, other wise the place will turn into chaos
Skiet 2007/03/27 7:50 PM
Mixed blessings It is so badly produced and compiled in my humble opinion. She is great, and I am sure we could find something interesting and exciting to do together for a couple of hours other than listen to her CD. Best bet -hear her live!
Nomkitha 2007/03/28 8:25 AM
Feel Good I really think Lira has outdone herself I have been longing to hear something like this from a South African young female, and it has arrived and really rocks! Reminds me of Sis'Letta's music which I still enjoy. Lira well done girl, and hope and pray that you'll continue to bring us much more of the good staff. I've got the CD and I start my day with "Ngiyazifela" Love it! Love it! Love it!
SIVIWE MAMBU 2007/04/04 12:41 PM
Mboni 2007/04/04 3:24 PM
Ngiyazifela Wow! Lira has really outdone herself. Bought the Cd the first time I heard Ixesha on Radio. I give it a 10 and its the only Cd that honestly lifts my spirit everytime i listen to it. Cant wait to watch her perform live. You Go gal!
nolitha 2007/04/05 3:46 PM
Jill Scott of SA even though she cant sing like Jill she really has reached that status, the lyrics speak for itself and woo the album is a masterpiece
Vivi Myana 2007/04/08 10:23 PM
Best of all I only heard `feel good ` on radio and decided to buy the cd. To my suprise all the song are great. Well done Lira this is the best with my fav song Ngiyazifela. Lov the cover and you look great.
Clearance 2007/04/10 10:47 AM
Hey Lira is the bomb. Keep it popping chic.
thercia 2007/04/17 11:13 AM
true tone downloads i love the feel good song but so dissapointing to find its truetone not available anywhere to download on my phone. i've searched and searched, its just not available
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