Little Jackie - The Stoop

2009-02-18 17:34
The Stoop
Hill released the definitive soul diva statement The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill in 1998, before going loopy on her MTV Unplugged session and then going into exile. For Copolla, her undoing was a little less unceremonious after being dumped by her record label and finding herself in indie hell.

With her new project Little Jackie, a collaboration with producer Adam Pallin, Coppola has said she is determined to learn from her past and play the music industry at its own game. Female artists with a retro bent are already commanding the charts and radio waves, so where Amy, Duffy and Adele are a bit too solemn for such young lasses, Little Jackie brings the sassy with a wink and a smile. And also, The Stoop is lots of fun.

"The World Should Revolve Around Me" is already a familiar anthem that can spit a line like, "I got talent and I got tits, I know I'll find another guy that wants to get with it" without sounding arrogant or corny.

The vibe of 60s Harlem is all over The Stoop, but Copolla's quickfire delivery is more wanton minx than soul diva, with lyrics that could make yo mama blush. And she's sure had to bear the brunt of ex-boyfriends' bad behaviour, dissing them mercilessly on "Guys Like When Girls Kiss" and "Liked You Better Before (You Knew Me)".

If anything, Copolla keeps it real without sacrificing the infectious tunes. Right now, it's totally OK for the world to revolve around her. Coz in her world it's either "Go Hard Or Go Home".

In the late 90s Imani Copolla (no relation to the film-making dynasty) was considered Lauryn Hill's soul sister. Only neither singer quite realised their promise.

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