Locnville – Sun In My Pocket

2010-03-16 09:36
Sun In My Pocket

There have been some rumours that these boys can't actually sing (a la Milli Vanilli), and it's all just beats 'n banter. Check out this YouTube video of Brian and Andrew (don't ask who is who) singing a cappella.

Those are some rich, deep voices for 19-year-olds! Everything about Locnville is out of the box. It seems they've put a lot of time and effort into crafting their unique image. From their name and choice of genre to the double-trouble factor, can you think of anything like them?

They've got skills and already they're the hottest new thing on the charts. "Sun In My Pocket" is an incredibly catchy dancefloor ditty. While this is dance/club kind of music, its appeal is massive. The deluxe edition of this album comes with a bonus disc featuring no less than seven remixes of this hot track. But seriously, seven different versions? Remixes are so old-school, in a not-cool kind of way. This doesn't sit well with me.

"Love Rush" is also a cute cut, but the line "Let me run my hands up and down your body" combined with their slightly ghetto accents makes me think of Another Level's 90s bootylicious "Freak me", and that just freaks me out! As is par for the course with dance music, it's all much of a muchness. "Lines In The Sky" and "Something's Coming" are slightly heavier tracks, while "Purple Days" is a whole lot of radio-friendly fun sure to follow in the chart-steps of "Sun In My Pocket".

It's difficult to decipher this act. While they're clearly talented and determined, I'm scared they'll follow in Watkin 'Die Antwoord' Tudor Jones' footsteps and just become fad chasers looking to be next 'new big thing'. This sound doesn't particularly suit them; it's just a vehicle to set them apart. It doesn't matter how good you are, if you're not genuine, no one will ever take you seriously. They should be careful that the sun in their pocket doesn't burn a hole in their designer jeans.

Locnville is the latest musical incarnation of toy boy twins Andrew and Brian Chaplin, and it's very different from their hip hop, kasi-flavoured recipe for disaster called III from a few years back. These kids have licked a lot of genres in their career, but is this electro-pop offering really the best they've got to give?

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cee 2011/07/11 13:28
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They are the best in electo-pop
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