Loose: The Concert

2008-02-18 12:28
Everything about it is just unbearable – her squeaky voice, the dancers and the sound quality are just too horrid. There’s no oomph in her performance, she looks uncomfortable and shy, and she absolutely kills her own hits. She sucks the life out of lively and upbeat jams like “Promiscuous”, “Maneater” and “Say it Right”. And guess what? Yes, she even brought a fake Timbaland on board. This is a painful DVD you have to force yourself to finish watching. After doing so you’ll find yourself wondering if this pop diva can actually sing - or was she just born into the right century where technology, not talent pushes record sales?

-Tiisetso Tlelima

They say a live performance is the true test of whether an artist can really sing or not. This DVD proves Nelly Furtado isn’t the songbird we fell in love with since her Grammy award-winning sing-along tune “I’m like a Bird.” In fact, her performance is so terrible you would have a hard time listening to her songs after watching this DVD!

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