Loyiso - Blow Your Mind

2007-11-07 08:23
Loyiso’s eclectic music taste can be attributed to his background in the Drakensberg Boys Choir, the kwaito TKZee family and his acapella and gospel stints with his family and the Bala brothers. Mr. Man has been around the musical block and it’s quite evident in his latest offering.

LB rocks this 13 track joint with a dash of R&B on “Step to the throne”, a sprinkle here and there of classical ballads such as “Found Love” and one funky hip-hop jam, simply called “I want you”. Otherwise it’s pure pop grooves galore on tunes like the title track (featuring pop singer Tasha Baxter) and the very interesting “Rosy Red” (featuring Elana Afrika). Still, he did remember to include at least one Xhosa tune, “Dali Wami”. His rendition of “Karma Police”, originally done by British rock band Radiohead, might just blow your mind. Brother man smoothly and gently delivers it nice and slow-tempo style. When it comes to LB there’s no fence sitting, it’s either he’ll blow your mind or he simply won’t.

-Gugu Mkhabela
LB’s third album testifies that he’s one Mzansi artist you can’t put in a box. While his singing style is still rooted in R&B, Blow Your Mind will either blow or boggle your mind as he reaches out to a wider audience with an Urban Pop sound.

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brompie 2007/10/19 6:57 AM
Only three? I see no negative side in Gugu's review, yet she gives the album only three stars? So what's wrong with the album?
tazzi 2007/10/24 9:36 AM
UM.... um... you left out sumfing.... OBITA is also in one of the tracks... tho, i can't remember what it's called!
Harry 2007/10/24 1:59 PM
Definitely he will blow your mind I didnt hear all the CD but if u heard "I want you", then you'll understand what im talking about when i say LB is taking Mzansi R&B to the next level. I think LB & Danny K they make good R&B music & must continue to feed us with their mzansi tunes.South African music is going somewhere.
Mike Barker 2007/11/03 6:46 AM
Loyiso - Blow Your Mind Exactly - why only 3 stars. "i want you" will emerge as a classic SA song ? Who wrote it ? Where can we get the video ?
Ross James 2007/11/25 1:35 PM
Amazin Great South African talent... scooped the award for best R n B album last night. And rightly so. I want you is one of the best songs i have ever heard.... ever
maz 2008/02/18 4:44 PM
miss khin
Gani 2008/02/24 2:52 PM
Goodness spoilt by tardy image Loyiso's music is good but as long as he has that ugly thing sticking out beneath his lower lip, I'm still going to regard him as 'immature', or shall I say "plaas-skaap"? C'mon Loyiso, you're good enough naturally, you don't need that stupid and hideous thing... grow up!
Avrillynne Harvey 2008/03/25 2:14 PM
The Best Ever Your performance is the best as well as your Cd.LB keep rocking South Africa.You the best thing that has happened to S.A
kurhula 2008/10/20 3:50 PM
u rock lb u rock im your biggest fan keep up the good work
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