Lupe Fiasco - The Cool

2008-01-28 17:46
Yes, you heard right - erudite. Refusing to resort to any misogynist booty calls, ghetto fabulous thug life clichés or X-rated rhyme excess, Fiasco funnels his rapid fire rhymes into a zombie revenge rap fable that imagines The Cool as an undead Armani-suited hustler haunting Hip-Hop’s Streets in search of self-expression. On his quest The Cool encounters all sorts of demons ranging from street poverty (“Gotta Eat”) and celebrity lifestyle addiction (“Superstar”) to major label executives eliciting crass corporate rap commercialism ("Dumb It Down").

Can The Cool survive this hip-hop Hades? Well, “Go Go Gadget Flow” looks for support by time-traveling back to Afrika Bambaata’s robotic synth-electro rhythms and “Superstar” rides a Coldplay chamber rock groove to sidestep self-pimping narcissism. Elsewhere “Little Weapon” and “Put You On Game” pull no punches in their interrogation of the sinister thug life sales pitches lurking beneath those first-person shooter video games.
Oh come on, video game violence? Is Lupe a conspiracy theory wimp or what? Forget about it. As his VIP hook up with hustler Snoop Dogg “Hi-Definition" and the gaga-about-a-girl love jam ''Go Baby Go'' show Lupe can work a party-rocking rhyme when he wants to. He just doesn’t have to. Make no mistake, the absence of Courvoisier lubricated in da club bangers is going to challenge ears addicted to airbrushed Billboard chart rap.

However, if you’re prepared to spend some time navigating his palette of smooth jazzy joints (''Paris, Tokyo”), string driven meditations (“The Cool”) and electro-clash claustrophobia (''Hello/Goodbye'' featuring U.N.K.L.E.) you’ll discover the coolest dose of conceptual hip-hop you’re likely to hear all year.

- Miles Keylock

Thinking man's emcee Lupe Fiasco gives hedonistic hip-hop pimps a much-needed enema on this uncompromisingly erudite follow up to his breakthrough CD, Food and Liquor.

Greg 2008/01/29 12:57 PM
Hallelujah Hip Hop Hopefully 2008 will be the year in which the world realises what rubbish Billboard chart rap is - Food & Liquor was one of the few worthy hip hop albums of the past few years, I really look forward to hearing this. Thanks for the heads up and smart words, Miles - may Lupe forever skate on...
Martin 2008/01/29 3:55 PM
could have never said it better An erudite indeed, and you know what! there so much honesty in how he conveys his messages! His one of the few emcees I'm willing to listen to. 1st & 15th Entertainment Forever!
Nyasha 2008/01/31 11:16 AM
cant stop listening like F&L before it, i am unable to stop listening to this album. the way his message flows both at an intellectual and artistry level is astounding. There is a lot of trash on the markets these days, but Lupe is on top of it all. If one can listen to F&L, his mixtapes and The Cool, you can see what i am talking about, The Streets, The Game, The Cool...what analogies
g 2008/02/01 10:24 AM
Zamzin 2008/02/22 2:14 PM
OMG Lupe Fiasco is just out of s world, Its been a long time since I heard something where an album where I want to really understand what he is trying to put accross. Two Classics in a row!!! I am Loving this Album. Intruder Alert is Brilliant!!
Ma Zet 2008/02/22 2:17 PM
Good Music I am Loving this Album, My little sister ( 13) is starting to listen to Hip Hop, and this is one of the Albums on my collection that I am glad she occasionally nicks to listen to. F and F Are Real!!
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