MOS latest is a comedown - Dancing tiredly past dawn

2006-03-29 18:24
From the moment the slow burning blend of tripped out beats and ambient vocal washes of Futureshock's "On My Mind" slides over your speakers you know you're in for some seriously laid-back listening. Gentle electro-lounge excursions (Royskopp's "Eple"), hip-swaying soul diva yawns (Jakatta's "One Fine Day") and cinematic slow motion strolls (Marc et Claude's "Cape Town") rub gently up against retro-disco ambles (Bent's "Magic Love") and off kilter late night lullabies (Stylophonic's "If Everybody in the World").

While the atmospheric micro-funk of N*E*R*D ("Provider") and nostalgic indie ache of Justin Robertson's remix of the Stone Roses ("Waterfall") do shuffle the cards in the rhythm divine pack, the groove remains one of catatonic post dance floor euphoria, rather than any booty shaking ecstasy. Yet ultimately - Lazy Boy's last champagne cork popped "Sunday Best mix" of Brenda Fassie's "Thola Amadlozi" excepted - any such one-dimensional mood mix ends up invoking those bum out after party blues, rather than offering an antidote to stay the inevitable execution.
Few dance labels have become as synonymous with providing discerning late night listeners with such quintessential chill out grooves as Ministry of Sound. Their latest instalment of "Good Time Grooves for After Hours Listening" proves to be a signature 18-track set of mid to down-tempo mixes that taps seamlessly into the idiosyncrasies of the early morning clubbing comedown.

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